Instead of "duization", a total "Albanization" is happening to VMRO-DPMNE

Ljubisa Nikolovski. / Photo: Free Press

Probably making the strategy for a post-election coalition, as it were, VMRO-DPMNE calculated that these people from the opposition European Union for Change (ESP) are naive fairy tales and will overtake them later, during the joint rule. But the opposite happened!

In our country, the people say "you were looking for it with a berry" when you play with fire. This is now, it seems, happening to VMRO-DPMNE due to stubborn "patriotic" games and refusal to include Bulgarians in the Constitution. If they weren't stubborn, the job would have been done by now.
Instead, they started campaign after campaign denouncing the Government as traitorous, presenting it as too "duised", meaning "albanized", because it had many DUI ministers who did not care about the national interests of Macedonians and the state. A particular thorn in their side was the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Bujar Osmani, who led the process of approximation of the country to the EU, as well as the other ministers of DUI.
In the calculations that they are ahead of a huge victory in these elections, they thought that they would be in a position to choose, like in a watermelon market, with whom they would form a coalition for the composition of the Government. At the same time, they gave preference to the parties of the Albanians from the opposition bloc, without it bothering them that they are more often in Pristina for consultations than at home in Macedonia. They did not mind the announcement that Kosovo Prime Minister Albin Kurti will also run in the elections in Macedonia through representatives of his "self-determination".
Probably making the strategy for a post-election coalition, itromanian anyway, they calculated that these from the opposition European Union for Change (ESP) are naive fairy tales and will ride them later, during the joint rule.
But the opposite happened. Instead of getting rid of what they called the "duization" of the SDSM Government, VMRO-DPMNE is now undergoing a complete "Albanization", if they want to form a Government.

If VMRO-DPMNE wants power, it will have to accept both the "tyrannical" and "Pristina" platforms!

Namely, just a step away from the historic victory in the elections, he received an all-Albanian offer with which the parties of the Albanians, both from the opposition and from the government, "stuffed" all the demands that they had kept in "gepek" since the independence of the state as a condition for the formation Government. And now, if VMRO-DPMNE wants power, it will have to accept both the "Tirana" and "Pristina" platforms - in a package. And all this only because he did not take advantage of the moment when DUI and all other parties of the Albanians decided to remain silent and in the interest of the European perspective of the country agreed to refrain from opening the Constitution on other issues that they kept packed in the box of Pandora, and now they opened it like a fish can from the old state reserves.
Whose oil this scenario is, will probably still be analyzed in the public discourse, as well as in the party's organs.
But not everything is so dramatic and unacceptable for VMRO-DPMNE.
The most difficult request of the leadership of the party will not be the change of the Constitution and the election of the president of the state in the Assembly with a two-thirds majority. They have long spoken about the idea of ​​electing the president in the Parliament. Since the time of independence, and even now, on one occasion they have declared: "With all due respect to all those who held the office, but it is still a function that has protocol significance, but has no power"!
The analyst Vladimir Bojinovski, on the other hand, believes that with the high census that is necessary for the election of the president, too much legitimacy is given to the president, even more than his credentials.
This is as a greeting to Professor Siljanovska-Davkova so that she does not overestimate her position as president and nurture illusions about radical changes in society. Mickoski will now have to choose between one of two offers, that of the "desired" Arben Taravari, or that of the "hated" Ali Ahmeti.

 Henchman of the henchman

Otherwise, the framer of the constitution did not accidentally position the position of the president of the state in this way - to be elected in direct elections, even with a high census in order to be a balance of power. So that in certain cases he can say NO to some decisions of the Government that have passed in the Assembly, because what is said is often confirmed - that the Assembly is obedient to the executive power. In the event that he is elected in the Parliament, then the president would be a simple puppet in the market of parties. Or in other words - I would be a follower of the follower.
Naming the Albanian language instead of the wording 20 percent will probably be more difficult to accept in the party if they stick to the publicly expressed word that "the official language is Macedonian and there is a reason why the 20 percent threshold was defined during the Framework Agreement", said the leader of VMRO-DPMNE , Hristian Mickoski in May last year.
“I deny Taravari. We have not discussed this topic, that is, we have discussed it as part of several topics. We have talked about Badenter. Until when will we live in a society where the minority will rule the majority?", said Mickoski in the same year.
Now he would have the opportunity to speak with Taravari again on the same topics, but this time supplemented and upgraded.
However, the most difficult decision for him, it seems, will be the inclusion of the Bulgarians in the Preamble of the Constitution, because the statement on this issue was also the most difficult: "As long as I am the president of VMRO-DPMNE, the Constitution will not be changed to meet the Bulgarian demands part of it," Mickoski said in June 2022.
Epa will now have to choose between one of two offers, that of the "desired" Taravari or that of the "hated" Ali Ahmeti.
There is also a third option, but for another time.


(The author is a journalist)


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