Unemployment decreased in Greece

homeless athens
Homeless people in Athens, Greece / EPA-EFE/SIMELA PANTZARTZI

By 0,4 percent compared to May this year and by 2,9 percent compared to June 2021, unemployment in Greece decreased, which for the month of June was 12,1 percent, according to official data from the Greek Statistics Service, and according to the responsible minister is already at the level of 2010, reported the correspondent of MIA from Athens.

572.109 people are unemployed, 120.976 less than in June 2021, and the highest unemployment among young people aged 15 to 24 is 27,4 percent, compared to 11,3 percent among those between 25 and 74.

Among women, 15,9 percent are unemployed, and among men, nine percent.

The Minister of Labor and Social Affairs of Greece Kostis Hasidakis said that "the significant reduction of unemployment is a practical answer to all those who are trying to reduce the work of the Government to zero".

-Unemployment fell to 12,1 percent, i.e. over five percentage points compared to what we took over from SYRIZA (17,3 percent). Even more important is the fact that it fell by three percentage points compared to June last year (15 percent). Youth unemployment is also falling, while overall unemployment has returned to 2010 levels, Hasidakis said.

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