The most handsome man in Italy is giving up modeling to become a priest

Photo: Printscreen / Instagram

The young man Edoardo Santini, once declared for "most handsome man" in Italy, decided to leave the world of modeling to devote himself to the priestly vocation.

When he had only 17 years, Edoardo received this prestigious title as part of the competition "The Beauty of Italy" (Il Bello d'Italia), organized by the fashion group ABE. This event launched him into the world of modeling and modeling while simultaneously studying drama and dance, he writes The New York Post.

Recently, Edoardo publicly announced on social networks that he is leaving the world of celebrities, because he made the decision to become a priest.

"My father married my mother at the age of 21 because she was pregnant, and my mother also became a mother at the age of 21. "Now, at the age of 21, I want, God willing, to become a priest," said Edoardo.

He indicated that the people he met in recent years showed him the true essence of the "church".

"They gave me the strength to explore this calling that I have had since childhood, but various fears prevented me from devoting myself more deeply to it," he explained.

At the beginning of last year, he began his "preparation", which precedes his entry into the Theology.

"Now I am here, studying theology and serving two parishes in the diocese of Florence," he adds.

Edoardo is aware that people are gossiping about his decision to become a priest, but he points out that he will not let internet trolls distract him from his new mission in life.

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