The most beautiful quotes from Zarko Laušević: This is not a bad time, we are bad

Zarko Lausevic / Photo: Instagram/Kinenova

The legendary Zarko Lausevic, who died at the age of 63 after a short and serious illness, was an actor who will forever be remembered in the region for his many roles, but also for his wise quotes.

Lausevic translated his wise words into his books. About his life he wrote the autobiographical books "Padre, Idiot!", "The Second Book", "The Year Passes, the Day Never: The Diary of a Prisoner" and "Everything Passes Even Lifetime". His wisdom will remain forever, and these are just some of his most beautiful quotes:

"The year passes, the day never."


"My silence does not mean that I do not know what people are saying behind my back. My silence is just a sign that they don't deserve my comment."


"In good times everyone is there, and when hard times come, everyone hides." Obviously, they don't want to carry the burden of others that is not paid for.”


"Everyone speaks with their silence, and silence says everything!"


"Those who love deeply never grow old; even if they die of old age, they die young."


"This is not a bad time, we are bad. We are the ones who go through life loving the wrong ones and trampling on the right ones."

"All the lies, all the evils, all the troubles in this world come from doubt. If there was no doubt, there would not be so much evil."


"Find a heart that will love you when you are at your worst and arms that will protect you when you are at your weakest."

As a reminder, on behalf of the entire family, Laušević's wife informed the public that on November 15, after a short and serious illness, the famous actor died.

Zarko Lausevic was born on January 19, 1960 in Cetinje. He was a Serbian and Montenegrin film and television actor. He graduated in acting at the Faculty of Dramatic Arts in Belgrade. He was a member of the Yugoslav Drama Theater where he played roles in a large number of plays.

He made his debut in 1984 in the film "Progon", and in the same year he played important roles in the films "Savamala" and "Direct Broadcast". She gained great popularity with the role of Šilja in the television series "Sivi dom".

He has played roles in more than 20 film and television series, including: "Shmeker", "A Solemn Obligation", "It Happened Today", "The Officer with a Rose", "Brothers by Mother", "Battle of Kosovo", " Original Fake', 'Tell Why You Left Me', 'Knife'.

Zharko Laušević died, the news of his death was announced by his wife Anita

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