The coldest in Berovo, the most snow on Popova Sapka

Popova Shapka
Popova Shapka / Photo: MIA

The coldest morning is in Berovo with -11 degrees, in Mavrovi Anovi measured -10, in Kriva Palanka - 8, in Bitola, Stip and Popova Sapka -7, in Skopje-Petrovec, Tetovo, Prilep, Demir Kapija, Strumica, Krushevo - 6, in Ohrid - 5, Skopje-Zajcev Rid, Vinica, Pretor - 4 and -3 in Kumanovo. Zero degrees were measured in Gevgelija, and maximum two degrees were registered in Dojran.

As he said Hydrometeorological Administration (HMA), Popova Sapka has the most snow, 37 centimeters, in Mavrovi Anovi the snow cover is 14, in Krushevo 9, in Gjurishte six, in Pozarane five and in Bitola two centimeters.

The weather during the night and this morning was clear and cold, and in the higher places a light to moderate north wind was blowing.

The weather today will be sunny with small to moderate local clouds and light wind from variable direction. The maximum temperature will reach 3 to 9 degrees.

It will be sunny in Skopje with light to moderate clouds and light wind from the north. The maximum temperature will reach 7 degrees.

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