The most expensive field in Serbia sold for about one million euros

Nivi Vojvodina/ Photo: Goran Bogicevic/ Alamy/ Alamy/ Profimedia

The most expensively paid field in Serbia is located in the vicinity of Novi Sad, in the village of Rumenka, and as the Republic Geodetic Office (RGZ) announced, that agricultural land was sold for 50 euros per square meter in the fourth quarter of last year, Politika reported.

"The plot has an area of ​​slightly less than two hectares, or rather 19.970 square meters, and 998.500 euros were paid for it. This means that one hectare costs 500.000 euros. It is the most expensive arable land ever sold in Serbia. Until this sale, the most expensive hectare was paid for 400.000 euros, and it was located in Kać near Novi Sad", said RGZ.

Vladimir Rafailovic from the Novi Sad real estate agency states that it is probably land that can be converted.

"It is located in an industrial zone, and it is managed as agricultural land. This type of land is expensive because its purpose can change. Agricultural land whose purpose cannot be changed is the most expensive in Backa. Prices also jump in Srem, where the land is suitable for viticulture and fruit growing. In these areas of Vojvodina there is the best quality land, so prices range from 15.000 to 30.000 euros per hectare. "The land in Banat is the cheapest, because it is also of the worst quality," says Rafailovic.

Agroeconomist Milan Prostran, on the other hand, assesses that as free agricultural land decreases, its price also increases.

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