PHOTO | The most famous looks at the Grammy Awards - from Jennifer Lopez's see-through dress to Lady Gaga's egg

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Every year, the Grammy Awards gather the biggest music stars in one place, to receive the most prestigious music awards for the past year.

In addition to celebrating music, the event always means presenting new fashion trends and glamour, making the stars go down in history as fashion icons. And while we're still sorting through the impressions of this year's 65th edition of the Grammys, we can look back at the most impressive fashion releases of the years.

Photo: Printscreen - Instagram

Dolly Parton, 1977

Dolly Parton looked like a real Barbie doll at the 1977 Grammys, wearing a dazzling hot pink jumpsuit paired with pink makeup and of course her iconic voluminous blonde hair.

Photo: Printscreen – Dolly Parton / Facebook

Prince, 1988

Throughout his long career, Prince has always pushed the boundaries when it comes to his styling. So it was at the 30th edition of the Grammy Awards in 1988. He appeared in a white suit with black dots paired with the same high heels and black and white gloves.

Photo: Printscreen – Pinterest

Jennifer Lopez, 2000

Jennifer Lopez literally made history with her appearance at the 2000 Grammy Awards. She wore a long dress in shades of green, with a deep neckline below the navel. Google CEO Eric Schmidt says people still search for photos of the dress, and it was once the most searched item on Google.

Photo: Printscreen – Twitter

Britney Spears, 2000

Britney Spears looked like an actress from a classic Hollywood movie, inspired by Marilyn Monroe. The pop sensation dazzled in a white dress by Randolph Duke, a fur coat by Oscar De La Renta, and completed her look with a silver diamond necklace.

Photo: Printscreen – Twitter

Lady Gaga, 2010

Lady Gaga showed up at the 2010 Grammy Awards in a space-inspired outfit that truly looked out of this world. She wore a sculptural Armani dress paired with unusual embellished high platform shoes. She received her first two Grammy Awards at this ceremony.

Photo: Profimedia

Lady Gaga, 2011

Another spectacular appearance Lady Gaga made in 2011, a moment that no one could miss. It appeared inside a giant egg, which was carried by half-naked male models. On stage during her performance, she came out of her cage, wearing a yellow dress with a yellow, wide-brimmed hat.

Photo: Profimedia

Nicki Minaj, 2012

Nicki Minaj did her best to make her 2012 appearance at the Grammy Awards go down in history. She appeared in a long, red satin Versace dress emblazoned with the designer's signature Medusa Head. It was remarkable that he appeared with a partner who was an impersonator of the Pope.

Photo: Profimedia

Rihanna, 2015

Rihanna was the last to arrive on the red carpet at the 2015 Grammy Awards. She looked like a Disney princess in a Giambattista Valli dress. The dress was made of pink tulle with a high waist, and she teamed it with a simple hair updo. She later said she found the dress by searching online and immediately knew she had to wear it to the ceremony.

Photo: Profimedia

Silo Green, 2017

Silo Green sported a slightly bizarre look for the 2017 Grammy Awards, when she appeared in a metallic gold gown with a superhero-inspired face mask and long gold gloves. His fans recognized his alter-ego Gnarly Davidson in appearance.

Photo: Profimedia

Beyonce, 2017

In the same year, 2017, Beyonce also chose gold as her trademark color for the evening. She looked stunning in her blissful state, wearing a gold dress made for her by designer Peter Dundes. On her head she wore a kind of crown inspired by the sun with a halo also in gold.

Photo: Profimedia

Billy Porter, 2020

Billy Porter always manages to attract attention on the red carpet, which was also the case in 2020. He wore a sparkly blue jumpsuit and a hat that had a curtain of silver fringe that opened at the push of a button. He wore blue eyeshadow and a diamond necklace around his neck.

Photo: Profimedia

Lil Ness X, 2020

Lil Ness X marked his appearance at the 2020 Grammy Awards in a hot pink Versace cowboy suit.

Photo: Profimedia

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