The worst cities in Europe: Here is which Macedonian city has been declared as such

Lisbon, Dublin and Frankfurt / Photo: Pexels

Content on the Tik Tok platform can be very inspiring, especially for travel enthusiasts and those who like to study geography.

A large number of users, whose main theme is precisely the trips around the world, share their travel experiences in the form of videos and give suggestions on what to visit and what not to visit.

From the most beautiful beaches, to the most delicious traditional dishes – on TikTok you will find out everything you need before visiting your next destination.

Marseille, France / Photo: Pexels/Dayana Martínez

The profile "Map of Geography" is one of the most famous that deals with topics in the field of geography. Recently, they published a map of the worst cities in European countries and caused a heated discussion among TikTok users.

The biggest surprises are Lisbon (Portugal), Marseille (France), Dublin (Ireland) and Frankfurt (Germany).

Quite unexpectedly, they also found themselves on the map Belgrade (Serbia) and Varna (Bulgaria).

The city at the foot of Shar Mountain, Tetovo has been declared the worst Macedonian city. Do you agree with Map of Geography?

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