The cheapest small cars at the Belgrade Fair cost around 20.000 euros

cars / photo: EPA / EFE

The gates of the Motor Show are officially open to visitors, and finding affordable cars is no easy task, as prices have skyrocketed, with even some small city cars costing more than €20.000, while just a few years ago were under 10.000 euros, the Nova rs team reports.

You can find a fairly cheap model for today's economic conditions, while others can hardly be said to be cheap. If you want to buy a car at an affordable price, this year's auto show is neither the time nor the place to do it, because there are no discounts. On the other hand, if you have set aside an amount of up to 20.000 euros, there is a choice that is not large, but for this money you can buy a city car and even a crossover. However, it should be noted that the prices are only for the models on display.

Among the ten small cars are the Fiat Panda - 12.950 euros, which is by far the cheapest at this year's Fair. It is followed by Fiat 500 Dolcevita – 16.090 euros, followed by Opel Crossland – 17.470 euros, then Dacia Sandero Stepway – 17.560 euros, Suzuki Injis – 18.000 euros. Next on the list is Citroën C3 - 18.190 euros, then Kia Stonik - 18.389 euros, Renault Clio - 18.580 euros, Opel Corsa - 19.190 euros and the last one is Toyota Aygo - 19.400 euros.

All in all, anyone looking to buy a car during the show won't be cheap, so it might be better to wait for a better time to get a new car. By the way, on the first day of the International Car Fair, inspectors from the Tax Administration closed several stands due to non-registration of sales, i.e. non-issuance of fiscal invoices, Tanjug reported.

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