The richest football player in the world suffered a terrible injury

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Faik Pains, the richest footballer in the world suffered a horrific injury as a member of Thai club Ratchaburi.

As it is already known in the world of football, his wealth is not earned on the football field, but he is the grandson of the Sultan of Brunei, the wealth he owns is estimated at 20 billion dollars.

In the last game, he suffered an injury that got his leg awkwardly stuck under the opponent. After the injury, he was rushed to the hospital, and later the club announced that he had to undergo an operation.

"Thank you for your kind words and wishes for a speedy recovery. I will stay positive and work hard to return to the field even stronger," Bolki announced on social media.


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Bolki was born in Los Angeles, and he fell in love with football in England, where he lived since his second year. Prince Geoffrey, his father noted that he wanted to get away from the relaxed life.

"My parents have always supported me in my son's achievement. "They prepared me psychologically and physically for everything since I was a child," said Bolki.

His teammates in the clubs where he played often said that by his behavior it was impossible to assume that he was someone who possessed such wealth. His greatest success in his career is that he reached the English Leicester shirt where he spent three years.


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