The "Ladislav Barisic" award for 2023 is awarded to a research project of Nada Pesheva

Nada Pesheva

The association of art critics "AIKA Macedonia" awarded the "Ladislav Barisic" award for 2023 in the field of art criticism. The commission consisting of Elena Veljanovska, Vladimir Janchevski and Tihomir Topuzovski decided to award the "Ladislav Barisic" award to the project "Women's participation in the contemporary Macedonian fine/visual art scene after 1991" to Nada Pesheva, due to the importance, topicality and acuteness of the research problem. .

The question of the visibility of women authors and re-examination of the position of women in the world art scene is part of the new policies and tendencies in contemporary world art criticism and theory, and the question of the participation of women as authors in the contemporary art scene is also a subject of interest here. , especially in the period after the 90s of the last century.

Hence, the research focuses on women's participation in the contemporary art scene, with special reference to the quality and quantity of cultural policies in stimulating the participation of women in the contemporary art/visual arts in Macedonia in the period of the 1990s, but also the degree of inclusiveness. on gender themes in recent artistic production.

The research will refer to reference exhibitions and curatorial projects that represent, encourage and promote an equal presentation of female authors realized through the program activities of national institutions and the independent cultural scene, but also the inclusion of works by female authors in the institutions' collections, in published publications and similar.

Nada Pesheva (1976, Skopje) graduated from the Department of History of Art with Archeology at the Faculty of Philosophy in Skopje (2000). She received her master's degree in "Cultural Policy and Management" at the University of Arts in Belgrade, Serbia (2013). He is currently a doctoral student at the Department of Cultural Studies at the Institute of Macedonian Literature at UKIM.

Her work focuses on art theory and criticism, cultural management and policy, cultural tourism, cultural industries and gender issues in culture. She participated in several local and international conferences, debates and symposiums in the country and abroad and published papers in several scientific journals and publications.

She is currently employed at the Agency for the Promotion and Support of Tourism. She is a member of the Association of Art Critics "AIKA Macedonia", and she was also a member of the Management Board of the association.

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