Over 50 people injured in the incidents in the north of Kosovo, one of them is fighting for his life

Photo: Kosovo Online

Doctor Zlatan Elek, director of the hospital in Kosovska Mitrovica, for the Serbian portal News , stated that more than 50 citizens came to this health facility with injuries from shock bombs, rubber bullets and live ammunition, after the Serbs in Zvecan in the north of Kosovo clashed with members of KFOR and the Kosovo Police.

A man is currently in the operating room and doctors are fighting for his life.

He had a gunshot wound in the pelvis.

One person who was seriously injured is currently being evaluated.

A doctor is among the injured Dragisha Milović, the president of the municipality of Zvečan, who was hit in the chest area, but it is not known from what.

A large number of KFOR members with equipment to break up demonstrations have been deployed since this morning near the municipal buildings in Zvečan, Leposavic and Zubin Potok, in the north of Kosovo, where residents of Serbian nationality have gathered. Behind them are numerous Kosovo policemen, who do not allow the gathered Serbs to approach the municipal buildings.

VIDEO: In the north of Kosovo, two wounded, shock bombs are thrown, firearms are fired

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