On the protected Shara, no one manages the garbage, it is thrown in the gullies, rivers and meadows

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The waste from the Šarplani villages usually ends up in the gullies, rivers and meadows because the locals have nowhere to throw the garbage, and the utility companies do not collect it.

From the Shar Planina National Park, they say that the residents of the Shar Planina villages do not have places to deposit their garbage, nor does the utility company from Tetovo go to collect the garbage from these settlements. In the end, the result is a variety of municipal waste in the picnic areas, along the roads, as well as wild landfills in the atar of the Šarplanina villages. A mechanism is needed for the regular collection of waste from the municipalities, whose territory also includes the villages of Šarplanina.

"We opened several discussions with the municipalities and we ask them to carry out regular waste collection. From the villages of Tetovo, waste is not collected in the villages of Gjermo, Vejce, Brodec, Bozovce and Veshala, no vehicle goes there to collect the waste. And that's why I'm ashamed to go to those citizens and tell them not to throw waste because there's nowhere to take it. Someone may have the opportunity to take the waste with a vehicle to the city, but someone does not have that opportunity because there is nowhere to leave it. This should be solved institutionally. We have had several meetings with public utilities. They tell us that they had programs and will take action and introduce a waste collection system. We can't write fines to the locals when you don't give them the opportunity to take their waste," says Ibrahim Dehari, director of the Shar Mountain National Park.

The institution says that in cooperation with mountaineering societies and associations, they have organized environmental actions on several occasions, but that is not enough.

"Shara without waste" is something we agreed with the mountaineering federation, we had actions to clean up Shara, they were successfully implemented, other institutions and associations also joined. We appeal to visitors not to leave behind any waste. Waste can be seen in areas throughout Shara, but a big problem, as I said before, is in the settlements of Shara itself, where waste is not collected. There are not so many hiking trails and picnic areas, but the bigger problem is the waste that exists in the locations around the settlements. The competent ministry collected several tons of such waste last year, but the situation is still bad," says Dehari.

Otherwise, the National Institution Shar Planina has recorded about 700 objects in the mountain area outside the Shar Planina villages. Most of them were built illegally and preparations are underway for their legalization. Part of the facilities are then planned to be converted for tourism.

The wild objects of Shara will be legalized, some of them will be converted for tourism

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