A 77-year-old woman from Bitola also participated in the second night women's race in Bitola

Photo: Free Press, Vaska M. Mladenovska

The world-famous hit "Unstoppable" by the Australian singer-songwriter Sia roared last night in front of the Officer's Home in Bitola at the second night women's race "Be yourself". This sports event encouraged a large number of professional and recreational women to take part in the race en masse.

According to the organizers, there was an incredible response to the five-kilometer athletic race among all women, mothers, grandmothers, girls who believe in themselves.

- If last year 250 participants took part in the race, this year over 350 Bitol women ran. Ride life like an obstacle course and don't stop. The strength and perseverance of a woman knows no bounds. It is not measured by the number of years, but by the power of will and the youthful spirit that you carry within yourself. In the race, the youngest participant was 12 years old, while the oldest was 77 years old. The purpose of this sports event is to motivate and encourage women that each of them can set their own goal and make it a reality. I am starting from my life, when I started participating in the races across Macedonia, and before that I lived in a comfort zone, with just participating in the races and the minutes, my everything got better and better. With my combativeness in racing I realized that this can be the case in privacy as well. Not just to live the same, but that we should change. Let's give ourselves a plus motive, because as women and mothers our responsibilities are great, but we also have to find time for ourselves - says Maya Atanasovska, organizer of the night women's race "Be yourself" that was held in Bitola for the second time.

Photo: Free Press, Vaska M. Mladenovska

She recommends a healthy lifestyle to women, if you take into account how fast and stressful life is nowadays, they should still do fitness, running or yoga for at least an hour during the day.

Photo: Free Press, Vaska M. Mladenovska

The oldest participant in the women's race, 77-year-old Dosta Lazarevska from Bitola, whose life preoccupation is beekeeping, says that she is constantly physically active and that age is just a number, and how she feels is of great importance to a woman.

- It is important for women to be brave, to exercise, do sports, and not give in to age. And next year, if my health serves me, I will run in the women's race in Bitola. I literally do not stop with physical activity during the day. It fills my day with positive energy and makes me feel vital, said 77-year-old Dosta Lazarevska at the night women's race "Be yourself".

By the way, the women's athletic race "Be yourself" on the streets of Bitola was organized by the sports association "Fight for the goal".

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