At "Tabanovce" and "Pelince" you have to wait about two hours to enter and exit the country


AMSM announced that at the border crossings "Tabanovce" and "Pelince" there is a two-hour wait for entry and exit from the country. At Bogorodica, the waiting time for exiting the country is about half an hour, while at the other border crossings, on the Macedonian side, there are no longer delays.

According to AMSM, the traffic on the state roads runs smoothly, mostly on dry roads, and the intensity of the road routes outside the city centers has increased.

Adjusted speed, observance of the set traffic signals and careful driving are recommended, especially on the roads through the valleys, river valleys and gorges, where there is a possibility of landslides. This especially refers to the sections Katlanovo - Veles, Mavrovo - Debar - Struga, Vinica - Berovo and Kocani - Delchevo.

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