He displayed the flag of SFR Yugoslavia on his house, the neighbors called the police

SFRY / Photo: MIA

A man (47) displayed the flag of SFR Yugoslavia on his own house in the town of Jaksic near Požega, Croatia, after which the neighbors immediately informed the police.

The police say that the 47-year-old "offended the moral feelings of the citizens".

The 47-year-old is charged with an offense under the Law on Offenses against Public Order and Peace.

Republic Day was a holiday in the former SFRY that was celebrated on November 29. It marked the anniversary of the Second Session of AVNOJ on November 29, 1943, when representatives of the partisan resistance movement proclaimed the federal structure of Yugoslavia and the Constituent Assembly of the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia on November 29, 1945. Republic Day ceased to be celebrated with the disintegration of SFRY.

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