A Faculty of Health Sciences opened at Stul University, will train nurses and physiotherapists

Photo: SEE

At the University of Southeast Europe (SEEU) in Tetovo, the new Faculty of Health Sciences was opened today, where future nurses and physiotherapists will acquire professional knowledge. Several highly equipped lecture halls have been opened, in which about 150 students will be able to follow the teaching.

The Rector of SEE Abdulmenaf Bexheti says that for now the faculty will have two study programs: for nursing and for physiotherapy.

"Opening this faculty was a not so easy journey, because this area is highly regulated. We went through all the institutional filters to get here. It is important that we have prepared a good technical-technological structure, so that our students can also follow the practical teaching, which here represents about 50 percent of the teaching. It is planned that, apart from our students, these facilities will also be used by secondary medical schools. At the beginning there will be two study programs: Faculty of Nursing and Faculty of Physiotherapy. The capacity will be around 150 students, but in the first generation the number will be smaller," said Bejeti. according to "SDK".

The minister handed over the official decision from the Ministry of Education and Science Jeton Shaqiri, who together with Rector Bejeti today cut the red tape and opened the new faculty.

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