What is the reason for aggression among young people?!

The student who beat up the teacher is just one in a series of cases of violence committed by students, minors and adolescents. According to experts, aggression among young people is not a surprise. Psychologists constantly warn that life in, as they say, a chaotic society and not listening to the youngest leads to this serious situation.

"What we all see and we all discuss about it, always under something like this there is something very big, when it all comes together, the impact of our society, of all this pressure, economic, social, political pressure, first are the children victims, but also parents, teachers, and all that, when combined, leads to such cases," says psychologist Mirjana Jovanovska Stojanovska in a statement to TV Sitel.

According to Jovanovska Stojanovska, a national strategy for education is needed, a serious approach from all stakeholders in society.

"In schools, attention must be paid to education, but also to early detection of the problems that children face. It is too late to take action after adverse events have already occurred. The basic job of schools and the educational system is not only to fill them with information, but also to teach them to think, to become responsible for themselves, to make good decisions, good for them and society, that is a very basic task, and together all we can help with that if there is a strategy", says the psychologist.

Last night, a minor from Kumanovo was attacked with a sharp object by her classmate.

"At 21.32:36 at SVR Kumanovo, XNUMX-year-old Z.F. from Kumanovo, reported that while returning from school, her minor daughter was attacked with a sharp object by her classmate," the Ministry of the Interior said.


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