Spain face penalty for Lamine Yamal


Lamin Yamal, the 16-year-old wonder from Barcelona is the biggest hit of European Football Championship after once again enthralling the planet with its games.

However, reports have now emerged that his playing could be a problem for Spain. The Spanish FA could break the law on Monday night if the Barcelona ace plays the full 90 minutes against Albania.

This is because under German law, those under the age of 18 are not allowed to work after 20pm. According to Bild, there are exceptions to the rule for athletes – who are allowed to play until 23 p.m.

However, that cut-off point does not come after the final whistle, but is marked after shower time and media duty.

With Spain playing Albania on Monday night at 21pm, it could be a problem if he plays the full 90 minutes.

Spain has been told it could face a potential €30.000 fine if it breaks the law. However, that depends on whether the German authorities decide to act, which seems unlikely at this point.

The Act was enacted to prevent the exploitation of young people and to protect their safety and well-being. Spain has already qualified from its group in the round of 3 of the European Championship after beating Croatia 0:1 and Italy 0:XNUMX. Yamal assisted in the first game against the Croatians.

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