The persons involved in the case in the primary school "Panajot Ginovski" were summoned for an interview, said the Ministry of Interior

A teacher beats a student at the primary school Panajot Ginovski in Butel
Teacher beats student at Panajot Ginovski Primary School in Butel / Photo: Screenshot, TickTock

The Ministry of Interior acts on a case-by-case basis with violence against a student posted via video on social networks.

The principal of a primary school in the Skopje settlement Butel, today at around 15.45 in the Police Station Chair submitted a written notification regarding the video from the social network "Tik-Tok", say the Ministry of Interior for MIA.

From there they add that the Ministry of Interior is taking measures to clear it up, and during today the conversation involved the persons involved in the case. The same case was reported to the Public Prosecutor.