Palevski has been assigned a lawyer ex officio, he remains in custody due to suspicions that he may escape

Ljupco Palevski/Photo: Ministry of Justice

Ljupco Palevski has been assigned a lawyer ex officio, although he requested three lawyers in a letter through the "Skopje" prison. At the moment, it is unclear whether they refused, given that the court will appoint a lawyer for Palevski.

During the execution, Palevski emphasized that he was not the perpetrator of the murders and that he has evidence for that. He remains in custody for 30 days, a measure that was previously imposed on him in his absence.

"Due to the interest of the media following the work of the court, the Criminal Court informs that the suspect for the double murder in Skopje and Veles from November last year, Lj.P. who was extradited from the Republic of Turkey on 15.05.2024, according to the order of a judge of a preliminary procedure, he was brought today to the Basic Criminal Court Skopje to make a ruling regarding the detention measure determined in his absence, and according to the proposal of the Basic Public Prosecutor's Office - Skopje. After the suspect's confession in the presence of his ex officio defense counsel, a judge of a preliminary procedure made a decision by which the suspect is sentenced to 30 days of detention, which begins with its implementation from the day of his admission to the Skopje Investigation Prison. and due to the existence of the circumstances from art. 165 paragraph 1 points 1,2, 3 and XNUMX ie There are circumstances that he may flee, may hinder the criminal proceedings by influencing the witnesses, and circumstances indicating that he will complete or repeat the crime. Against this decision, the parties have the right to appeal before the Criminal Council of this court", the statement from the court states.

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