The lesson sheet that "set fire" to social networks shows a father with his sons and a mother with her daughter, claims the Municipality of Centar

Photo: Facebook

The photo, which is being shared on social networks these days, from a lesson sheet given to first-graders from the primary school "Saints Cyril and Methodius" and which caused an avalanche of reactions from the citizens, shows a father with his sons and a mother with a daughter, and not families of homosexual couples.

This is claimed by the Municipality of Centar, in whose territory this school is located, and they explain that it is a teaching sheet, which students work on during the lesson and is the final activity of the lesson, i.e. drawing a conclusion. According to the official curriculum from the MES and BRO, as they say, the subject Society for the first grade contains the methodological unit "Family", which is correlated with the contents of the subjects: Macedonian language, art and music education with an exact definition of the objectives of the lesson.

We claim that wrong information has been transmitted to the public because according to the lesson scenario, students in an introductory activity and activation of prior knowledge work on discussing questions on the topic: My home and my family, types of family (immediate and extended family, single-parent families, guardianship, foster family). During the lesson, we work on roles and responsibilities in the home (care, chores, responsibility, hygiene). The final activity, which has been wrongly transmitted, is the picture showing a father with his sons and a mother with a daughter (possible single-parent family and foster family) - the Municipality told "Sloboden Pechat".

From there, they explain that the parent who posted the photo on Facebook sent an official apology to the school principal. In the apology, the parent says that in a moment of emotion he did not think about the consequences and the reputation of the school and that he published the post without consulting and informing and without talking to the teaching staff

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