It would be a challenge for Nasser Ziberi to be prime minister, but he says that the technical mandate does not offer room for influence

The Ombudsman Nasser Ziberi tonight at the visit he said on "21" television that the position of prime minister is "a challenge and an opportunity" for him.

In the 2020 parliamentary elections, the Democratic Union for Integration (DUI) ran with the slogan "Pse jo?" (Why not?), alluding to the possibility of an Albanian being elected prime minister for the first time. DUI then pushed Nasser Ziberi as a candidate for the prime ministerial position, but he was elected ombudsman after the election, which many interpreted as a "consolation prize" for the veteran politician's role in the campaign.

Ziberi said tonight that, however, the period in question (technically the last 100 days of the current government's term, according to the "Przyno" agreement) "doesn't give much room for significant influence."

"Yes, I was a candidate for the first Albanian prime minister. "The elections are over, the result of the negotiations for the formation of a parliamentary majority and a coalition are known, so there remains the period for which it has been agreed to appoint the first Albanian prime minister," says Ziberi.

He added that he still hasn't decided whether he will accept such a possible engagement. About this, Ziberi talked with the leader of DUI Ali Ahmeti, during which they agreed "when that period comes, they will see what is best for the citizens".

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