At what age are men and women most in the mood for sex?

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Have you heard of the term? sexual climax? Although at first it sounds like we are talking about orgasm, this term still refers to the period of life when it is the greatest interest in sex, when it is most comfortable and when we think about it the most.

Although it is logical to conclude that one's sexual peak is reached in the young years, research shows that this is far from the truth. The books of the famous researcher Alfred Kinsey tell many interesting facts about this topic.

For example, it is wrong to believe that the sex drive is strongest in puberty or in the adolescent period, and even more interesting is the fact that men and women experience the peak of their sex drive at different periods of life.

In one of his studies, Kinsey asked men and women in which years they had the best sex, when they enjoyed it the most, and when they had the most orgasms.

Statistics showed that men enjoyed sex the most in their 17th and 18th years of life, while for women it was much later.

Namely, women experience their sexual peak only in their mid-30s, and the main reason is self-confidence.

When a woman reaches a certain age and finds herself, she becomes more satisfied with her body and therefore more relaxed. She is no longer burdened with her appearance, she chooses poses that are comfortable and pleasant for her, and not those in which she looks attractive. Also, the woman then knows what she wants and has no problem saying it.

The researchers described women in their 30s as sexually experienced women, meaning experience in knowing their wants and needs, not the number of men they've had sex with.

When we talk about men's sexual experience, it's usually in the context of the number of women they've slept with and all the tactics and strategies they've learned throughout their sex lives. So over the years, women learn about themselves and men learn about women. And that's the perfect recipe for good sex later in life.

Younger girls, on the other hand, are not skilled at communicating their desires and needs with their partner, and dissatisfaction with their body affects their sex life the most. For example, in one study, as many as 30 percent of girls admitted that they try to hide their stomach during sex, so the researchers could easily find a link between good sex and self-esteem.

Over the years, women learn about themselves and men learn about women. And that's the perfect recipe for good sex later in life.

The same research showed that women aged 27 to 45 have the most frequent sexual relations. Women in this period of life usually give birth to children, and pregnancy can affect hormones and improve sex.

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