In the elections, Albanians united for the EU, Macedonians divided

Ljubisa Nikolovski
Ljubisa Nikolovski. / Photo: Free Press

VMRO-DPMNE on the public stage fuels Macedonian nationalism or vice versa, creates an anti-Albanian (by God anti-DUI) mood, and behind its back it is prepared to form a coalition with any party of Albanians, even with DUI, just to come to power

Ljubisa Nikolovski

From what has been addressed in the public so far, it becomes clear that the idea of ​​a large coalition between the Macedonian parties and one of the parties of the Albanians, as a compromise solution for stabilizing the country and continuing with the European path, has nothing.

VMRO-DPMNE maintains the position that as long as the constitutional amendments depend on them, they will not support them either now as an opposition or as a government if they ever become that.

Hence SDSM's position that VMRO-DPMNE is betraying the country's European future. According to the words of the Vice Prime Minister for European Affairs Bojan Maricic, we all know well that our only homework related to the opening of the chapters cannot be realized due to the blockade by VMRO-DPMNE.

"That means until we finish amending the Constitution, this stoppage practically puts the processes and everything that has been worked on for an indefinite period of time. "It delays the most important benefits for the citizens and puts the country in an unenviable position," he says Maricic for

Aware of the possible stoppage in European integration, Albanian political subjects, in a patriotic mission to save the country from international isolation, overcome themselves and negotiate the formation of alliances with which they would defend Macedonia's European perspective.
This position was very explicitly outlined by the leader of the Alliance for Albanians, Arben Taravari, who in an interview for Free Press spoke about the creation of the so-called blocs of parties or combinations of parties from those in opposition to parties participating in government.

"We Albanian parties," says Taravari, "should come up with an option to have fewer blocs; or one common, or at most two blocks. If the Alliance with DUI goes, it will probably have 4/5 of the total number of Albanian MPs. If it goes with the opposition, there will be over half, and if the Alliance goes alone, with certain smaller Albanian parties, then DUI will win again and then we will have three blocs, which is not good", concluded the president of AA.

It may not be the first attempt for the fragmented Albanian political fabric to try to unite, which has never been the case with Macedonian parties. But what unites them this time are not any tyrannical platforms or demands for the already notorious collective rights of Albanians, but the desire to fulfill the priority above the priorities of all Albanians, which is EU membership. And for that, they are ready to form a coalition with any Macedonian party that is ready to deliver that state interest to them.

For now, SDSM, as a party that has directed all of its political size precisely to the continuation of Macedonia's European path, makes it possible for them.

Unfortunately, at least as far as AA and DUI are concerned, they do not see such potential in VMRO-DPMNE. According to Taravari, they are not ready to enter into a coalition with VMRO-DPMNE even if he offers them, as he says, not even 15 ministerial posts, if they do not have a European perspective and that is not only declarative. She (VMRO-DPMNE), he says, must guarantee that the European path will be a priority at any cost, and that within a limited period of time.

"Alliance for Albanians will not join any bloc that will stagnate the state for the next five to ten years."

Even more decisive in the inevitability of continuing the European path is the Minister of Foreign Affairs and Vice-President of DUI Bujar Osmani. He for "Free Press " said:

"No one will be able to form a government without providing a European path for the country." This is what I am saying and I can sign for you now, that no one will be able to form a government if there are no constitutional amendments in the next three months from that government."

But it is important to say that the ideological scene is polarized into two blocs, European and anti-European. It implies that the campaign will be like that, that the forces will be grouped like that. Both before and after the elections.

And while the parties of the Albanians are grouped together, the Macedonian parties will run separately until the elections, alone. Which of them will form a Government after the elections in the political constellation that is before them, remains to be seen.

However, the consequences for the Macedonian ethnic fabric will be visible, and VMRO-DPMNE will probably be to blame for that, which on the public stage encourages Macedonian nationalism or vice versa, creates an anti-Albanian (by God, anti-DUI) mood, and behind its back is prepared to coalition with any party of the Albanians, even with DUI, just to come to power.


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