Gotse Arnaudov died today: Twelve years without the legend of Macedonian folk music

Photo: Facebook / Gotse Arnaudov

The Macedonian singer of folk music, Gotse Arnaudov, left us twelve years ago today. He died at the age of 51 from pancreatic cancer.

He was born in Strumica on August 19, 1954. At the age of ten he started playing the guitar and singing in his father's band. After finishing high school, Arnaudov formed the group "Crik", with which they performed throughout the former Yugoslavia.

He returned to Macedonia in 1993, when in a short time he won the sympathy of the audience. The following year, he performed at the "Valandovo" festival and won all the awards with the song "Are you waiting, old mother".

In the following two decades, Arnaudov was considered one of the most respected singers of folk music and one of the most prolific authors. He has written more than 200 songs, has performed at hundreds of festivals, of which he won first place at more than 60.

Five years in a row, he was voted the most popular person in Macedonia, and his participation in "Valandovo" brought him 22 awards. Several times he won the award for the interpretation of the greatest singer "Nikola Badev" at the "Goce Fest" festival.

In 2000, in his hometown of Strumica, Arnaudov gave a concert at the stadium and gathered 10.000 spectators, and the district administration awarded him the prize of singer of the decade and honorary citizen.

Arnaudov will be remembered for the songs "Eh if the song was an arrow", "Are you waiting, old mother", "I will drink, I will lump", "Play master", "Polni bre meanjijo", etc.

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