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On this day - May 9

1502.- The famous Genoese sailor Christopher Columbus, in the service of Spain, set off on his fourth and final voyage to the New World. He returned to Spain in November 1504 and died two years later, dissatisfied with the promised rewards and honors. Until the last moment, Columbus did not know that he had discovered America. He was convinced that he had reached the east coast of Asia.

1800.- John Brown, an American farmer and black equality activist, was born. On December 2, 1859, the U.S. Federal Army captured the severely wounded Brown and hanged him. His struggle was widespread and preceded the Civil War (1861-1865) between the North and South of the United States.

1805.- Friedrich Schiller, one of Germany's most famous poets and playwrights, died in Weimar. In his achievements he emphasized the ideal of dignity, freedom and beauty and dissatisfaction with tyranny. He is the author of the plays "Intrigue and Love", "Robbers", "Don Carlos" and "Jovanka Orleanka". He was born on November 10, 1759.

1873.- English archaeologist Howard Carter was born, who in 1922 discovered the tomb of the Egyptian pharaoh Tutankhamun.

1901.- Australia's first Parliament opens in Melbourne.

1903.- Paul Gauguin, French painter, dies. He painted in the spirit of Post-Impressionism, Symbolism and Fauvism. Among the works he knows are "Moon and Earth", "My name is Mary", "Where do we come from? Who are we? "Where are we going?", "The White Horse", "Never Again" and others. He was born in 1848.

1926.- The Americans Richard Brett and Floyd Bennett were the first to fly the North Pole, which was a great feat of the young insufficiently reliable aviation.

1927.- Canberra became the capital of Australia instead of Melbourne.

1944.- In Prilep, in the fight against the Bulgarian occupier, Kire Gavrilovski - Jane and Krume Volnaroski - Kolja, national heroes of Yugoslavia from Macedonia, died. Kire Gavrilovski was born in Prilep, in 1918. Krume Volnaroski was born in Prilep in 1909.

1945.- The Red Army liberated Prague, the capital of Czechoslovakia.

1945.- In Berlin, Nazi Germany ratified the Act of Unconditional Capitulation, signed in Reims, France, on May 7, 1945. The victory of the anti-Hitler coalition is marked on May 9 as the Day of Victory over Fascism.

1946.- King Vittorio Emanuel III abdicated and Italy became a Republic.

1947.- The first opera in Macedonian was shown in Skopje at the Macedonian National Theater. It was the opera "Cavalleria Rusticana" (or "Village Honor" as written on the first poster) by Italian composer Pietro Mascagni. Conductor was Todor Skalovski, director Branko Pomorisac, and accompanist Petre Bogdanov - Kochko.

1955.- The Federal Republic of Germany became a member of NATO.

1959.- Boris Bojadziski, Macedonian writer, journalist and publicist, died in Skopje. He is the author of the plays "We gave our word", "Santa Claus and us", "Milka", the short story books "The mischievous bunny", "The first flowers", as well as the monograph of the national hero Orce Nikolov. He was born in Ohrid, on February 23, 1915.

1978.- The body of former Italian Prime Minister Aldo Moreau has been found in a car in Rome.

1994.- Nelson Mandela was elected South Africa's first black president at the inaugural session of the first multi-racial parliament, ending a major leap from apartheid to democracy.

1998.- In Birmingham, Great Britain, the 43rd Festival of Pop Music in Europe - Eurovision Song Contest was held, with the participation of 23 countries (Eurovision Song Contest 1998). The Republic of Macedonia participated in it for the first time. She was represented by Vlado Janevski with the song "Ne zori, zoro" by Gligor Koprov. Janevski won 40 points and won 19th place.

2001.- The most tragic accident in the history of African football, at the largest stadium in Accra, the capital of Ghana, killed 126 people in a stampede caused by police who used tear gas.

2002.- The US Congress has banned the entry into the United States of citizens of seven countries that support and tolerate terrorism - Iraq, Iran, Cuba, Libya, North Korea, Syria and Sudan.

2004.- Chechen President Ahmad Kadyrov has been killed in a bomb blast by Chechen Islamic terrorists at a stadium in the town of Grozny.

2009.- Chuck Daly, the basketball coach and creator of the Dream Team, which consisted of stars such as Jordan, Johnson, Barkley, Byrd and won the 1992 Olympic Games at the Barcelona Games, has died. He was considered an expert who knew how to create a harmonious team from different characters. As a club coach in 1989 and 1990, he led the Detroit team to another NBA title. He also led Cleveland, New Jersey and Orlando. In 1994 he was admitted to the House of Basketball Hall of Fame.

2015.- Eight members of the Ministry of Interior lost their lives and forty were injured in an armed clash in Kumanovo's Diva Naselba. The operation ended after the Macedonian special forces completely neutralized and eliminated the terrorist group, part of which surrendered to the Macedonian authorities. Ljubisa Arangjelovic, Boban Ivanovic, Goran Ilijevski, Zarko Kuzamnovski, Isamedin Osmani, Saso Samojlovski, Nenad Serafimovski and Goran Stojpenicovi on In addition to the eight members of the police force, 10 members of the armed group were killed in the armed shootout.

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