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- Today is World Day of Persons with Disabilities

1368.- Born King Charles VI of France, who until his death in 1422 was 42 years on the throne. At the beginning of his reign he was known as "Charles the Beloved", but since 1392 he had several attacks of mental disorder and was nicknamed "Charles the Crazy". they inflicted a heavy defeat on the French troops at the battle of Aencur.

1800.- France Preshern, one of the greatest Slovenian poets, was born in Vrba, near Bled. His most significant work is "Sonata Wreath". He died in Kranj, on August 8, 1849.

1810.- Britain took over the islands of Réunion and Mauritius from France. Reunion was later returned to it and today has the status of French overseas territory.

1857.- Joseph Conrad, an English writer of Polish descent, was born. The most common theme of his novels and short stories is man's struggle with the sea. His most significant works are the novels The Exiled from the Island, Nostromo, Lord Jim and others. He died on August 3, 1924.

1883.- The Austrian composer Anton Friedrich Ernst von Webern, one of the most prominent expressionists, was born. Performing his music was banned by the Nazis. Create a specific musical language with refined nuances. Works: chamber for string quartet - "Five Attitudes", "Six Bagateli", orchestral - "Six Pieces", "Five Pieces", "Symphony for Chamber Orchestra", "Variations, solo songs".

1894.- Indian statesman Rejandro Prasad, the first president of independent India from 1950 to 1963, was born.

1894.- Scottish writer Robert Louis Balfour Stevenson, a great stylist, has died. He tried to renew the spirit of romance in his works. Works: the novels - "Island of Treasure", "The Strange Cases of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde", the stories - "New Stories from 1001 Nights", the travelogue "Journey with a donkey", the essay "Virginibus puerisque".

1919.- The French painter Pierre-Auguste Renoir, one of the most prominent Impressionists and one of the greatest European painters of the 19th century, has died. In his old age he also worked as a sculptor.

1923.- Maria Callas, an American opera singer, soprano of Greek descent, was born in New York. Her wide voice range and extraordinary suggestive acting contributed to her worldwide fame and to become one of the world's greatest singers. She died in Paris on September 16, 1977.

1930.- French director Jacques Luc Godard was born, a leading figure in the "new wave" of French films. Movies: "To the Last Spirit", "Woman is a Woman", "Crazy Pierre", "Number Two", "Living Your Life", "Carabinieri", "Married Woman", "Male and Female", "Weekend" "One Plus One", "East Wind", "Save Who Can", "Name: Carmen".

1949.- Elin Pelin (real name Dimitar Ivanov Stojanov) died, the first original Bulgarian children's writer, one of the best painters in the Bulgarian village. His most famous works are "Stories", "Peugeot and Pendo", "Earth", "Me and You, He", "Santa's Glove", "Stories and Stories", "Jan Bibian on the Moon" and others. He was born in 1877.

1967.- Doctors in Cape Town, South Africa, say a successful human heart transplant has been performed at Grote Shur Hospital for the first time in history. The team led by Dr. Christian Barnar performed an operation on the sick Louis Vaskanski, but he died ten days later.

1980.- Dragi Kostovski died in Skopje, a famous Macedonian actor who is known to the general public for his exceptional achievements, for his numerous roles on the theater stage, in the film, on television and in the radio dramatic art. He was born in Bitola on April 22, 1930.

1989.- In East Germany, the leader of Germany's only Workers' Party (Communists), Egon Krenz, and all members of the ruling Politburo and the Central Committee of the ruling party resigned.

1991.- Russia has recognized Ukraine's independence, and Russian President Boris Yeltsin has called for a speedy normalization of relations between Russia and Ukraine.

1991.- Stojan Gogov, doyen of the National Theater "Anton Panov" from Strumica, died in Strumica. He was born in 1924.

1994.- Frantisek Vaclav Mares, a Czech professor of Slavic studies at the University of Vienna, a world-renowned scholar who's outstanding merits for the affirmation of Macedonian studies in the world, died in Vienna. He was also a member outside the staff of MANU.

2013.- Writer and publicist Vera Buzarovska died in Skopje. She began her writing career in 1962 with the publication of the children's book "Stop" intended as entertaining and instructive literature for the youngest readers. More than forty prose and poetic works follow, which are dominated by stories and in the center of which is the woman and her destiny in the patriarchal environment. Buжаaroska was born in Bitola on December 7, 1931.

2013.- Flutist Nikola Atanasov died at the age of 74. He was born in 1939 in Prosecani. In 1964 he graduated from the Academy of Music in Ljubljana, and as a scholarship holder of the Italian government he stayed for one year at the Santa Cicilia Academy in Rome for specialization. Then he returned to Macedonia and was employed as the first flutist in the MNT opera orchestra. He has won several professional awards and state recognitions, including "October 11", "St. Kliment Ohridski, "November 13", "Kiro Burovski" and "Zlatna Lira".

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