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1519.- The Portuguese navigator Fernando Magellan, in the service of King Carlo V of Spain, set sail from San Lucar in Spain on a five-ship expedition around the world to discover the western route to India and conquer colonies for the Spanish dynasty. In 520, he explored the southeastern coast of South America and discovered what he called the Magellanic Strait, which he crossed into the ocean he called the Pacific. Killed in the Philippine Islands in a battle against the natives, on April 27, 1521. The other part of the expedition returned to Spain. Thus it was proved that the Earth is round and that the new regions discovered by Columbus are not part of India, but a separate continent.

1520.- Suleiman the Magnificent ascended the Turkish throne after the death of his father Selim I.

1833.- Italian journalist and pacifist Ernesto Theodoro Monetta, winner of the 1907 Nobel Peace Prize, was born. He was the director of the Milan newspaper Il Cecolo and president of the International Congress of Peace in Milan in 1906.

1842.- Scottish chemist and physicist James Dewer, inventor of the thermos, was born.

1863.- Jakob Grimm, German philologist, librarian in Kassel, academic and professor in Berlin, died in Berlin. He is the founder of modern German studies. He studied the history of ancient literature, the problems of myths, tales and legends. Together with his brother Wilhelm he published German folk tales. His most famous works are "German Grammar", "History of the German Language", "German Mythology" and others. He was born in Hahn on January 4, 1785.

1870.- The forces of the Italian king Vittorio Emmanuel II took Rome from the French. The king then announced his intention to declare Rome the Italian capital.

1878.- Upton Sinclair was born, a North American writer and publicist, a fighter for social rights and world peace. His most famous works are "Jungle", "Jimmy Higgins", "End of the World" and others. He died on November 26, 1968.

1905.- Vjencislav Novak, one of the most prolific Croatian writers, musician and composer of Czech origin, died in Zagreb. His most famous works are "Tito Dorќi“ "," The Last Stipaniчиi "," Two Worlds "and others. He was born in Senj, on September 1, 1859.

1934.- Italian film actress Sophia Chicolone, better known as Sophia Loren, was born. As a media product of the producer and her husband Carlo Ponto, she became a world star.

1948.- Luka Dzerov, Macedonian teacher, revolutionary and duke, died in Sofia. He took part in the Ilinden Uprising in 1903 and was a fighter against the supremacist traitors of the Macedonian cause. He was born in Bitola, in 1870.

1957.- Jan Sibelius, Finnish composer, romantic died. His original style is quite close to Finnish musical folklore. He was born on December 8, 1865.

1963.- US President John F. Kennedy proposed a joint Soviet-American expedition to the moon at a session of the United Nations General Assembly.

1970.- John Dos Pasos, a North American social novelist, died in Baltimore, USA. He was born in 1896.

1970.- Burville (real name Andre Remburg), a French film and opera artist and comedian, died in Paris. He was born in 1917.

1970.- The Soviet spacecraft Luna 16 landed on the moon to take over parts of the Earth's satellite.

1976.- After 40 years in power, the Swedish Socialist Party was defeated in the parliamentary elections.

1977.- Vietnam and Djibouti have been admitted to the United Nations.

1979.- The ruler of the Central African Empire, Jean Bedel Bosak, ousted his cousin, former President David Dako, and restored the country to republican status. Bosak ousted Dako in a military coup in 1965, and in 1976 abolished the republic and proclaimed himself king. He is remembered for his great extravagance, extravagance and fierce crimes against his own people.

1981.- The Central African country of Belize on the Caribbean coast (formerly British Honduras) gained independence from Britain.

1984.- A suicide bomber struck shortly after noon in front of a U.S. embassy in Beirut, killing at least 40 people.

1989.- Frederick Willem de Klerk has taken over as President of South Africa.

1990.- The parliaments of East and West Germany have confirmed the agreement for their unification into one state.

1990.- In Skopje, the Assembly of SR Macedonia proclaimed the 25 amendments to the Constitution of SR Macedonia, according to which, among other things, Macedonia became a multi-party state.

1993.- In Skopje, at the Faculty of Forestry, the Movement for Enhancement of the Relations between People and Nature "The Road of the Rose" was founded.

1995.- Turkish Prime Minister Tansu Ciller was forced to resign after the coalition party withdrew from the government and told her that the price her Turkish citizens had to pay for her policies was unacceptable.

1998.- Jordan Leov, a Macedonian writer, died in Skopje. He is the author of the short story books "Last of Death", "Deep Wound", the novels "Brothers", "Vior", "Poppy" and other works. He was born in Veles, on August 29, 1920.

1998.- Dr. Bosko Babic, archaeologist and art historian, one of the founders of the Institute of Old Slavic Culture in Prilep and its director died in Prilep. Among other works, he is the author of the book "Medieval Cultural Heritage of the Republic of Macedonia". He was born in Bosanska Gradiшкаka, in 1924.

2000.- Soviet-born Russian cosmonaut German Titov, the second man to fly in space, has died. In August 1961, Titov spent 2 hours in space on the Vostok 25 spacecraft, orbiting the Earth 17 times. For his merits he received the most state awards and became a hero of the USSR.

2004.- The United States has officially lifted its 1986 trade embargo on Libya.

2005.- Simon Wiesenthal, a Jew who hunted down Nazi criminals, including the brain of Adolf Eichmann, died in Vienna. He was born in 1909.

2006.- Swedish filmmaker Sven Nikvist, a close associate of Ingmar Bergman, has died. Nickvist has won two Oscars for "Screams and Whispers" (1973) and "Fanny and Alexander" (1982), both directed by Bergman.

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