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70 BC- The Roman writer Publius Virgil Maron was born, the creator of perfect works - epics in which he glorified the Roman past. Works: "Aeneid", "Pastoral Songs", "Songs for Farmers".

1529.- Turkish Sultan Suleiman II renounced the siege of Vienna.

1542.- Born Emperor Abu ul Fat Jalaluddin Akbar, one of India's greatest rulers, who conquered the rebel states of Gujarat and Kashmir and conquered Afghanistan. He was a great reformer who sought to unite subjects of different faiths and races and abolished slavery.

1582.- The application of the calendar of Pope Gregory XIII began in Spain, Portugal and the papal states of Italy. According to the council of astronomers, the pope reformed the Julian calendar, based on the solar year of 365 days and six hours, in which the year is 11 minutes and 14 seconds longer than the solar year, and every 128 years a "more" day appears. That difference was removed so that after Thursday, October 4, 1582, the next day, Friday, was considered October 15. The year according to the Gregorian calendar is still longer than the natural one by 12 seconds, but the difference from the whole day will be achieved only after 3320.

1608.- The Italian physicist and mathematician Evangelista Torricelli, the inventor of the mercury barometer, the so-called Torricelli tube, was born. When Galileo Galilei went blind, Torricelli became his secretary, and after Galileo's death he inherited his chair.

1814.- The Russian writer Mikhail Yuryevich Zhermentov was born, whose poems he wrote as a child became an anthology. He died in a duel in 1841. Works: the novel "Hero of Our Time", the drama "Masquerade", the poem "Demon", the poems "Clouds," Thought "," Prophet "," Fatherland "," Borodino ".

1815.- Four months after the defeat of his army at the Battle of Waterloo, Emperor Napoleon I of France arrived on the island of Saint Helena in the Atlantic Ocean, where he died in 1821.

1817.- Polish national hero Tadeusz Andrzej Bonaventura Kochusko, a participant in the American War of Independence and an aide to George Washington, later the first president of the United States, has died in Switzerland. Upon his return to Poland he launched an uprising against Russia, but his army was defeated in October 1794, where he was wounded and captured. He was released in 1796 on condition that he renounce his actions against Russia.

1844.- The German philosopher of Polish origin Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche was born. Works: "Will to Power", "On the Other Side of Good and Evil", "Genealogy of Morality", "Joyful Science".

1851.- A rich gold deposit has been discovered near Melbourne, Australia. In addition to industrial development, this has led to a large number of Europeans settling in Australia.

1854.- Oscar Wilde, an English writer of Irish descent, was born in Dublin. His most famous works are the comedies: "Lady Windermeier's Cool", "It's important to be called Ernest", "Ideal Man" and others. He died in Paris on November 30, 1900.

1895.- A French officer, Alfred Dreyfus (1859-1935), of Jewish descent, was arrested in Paris on charges of high treason in favor of Germany, sparking a tumultuous affair ("Dreyfus affair") that had shaken France's social and political life for years. Dreyfus was sentenced to life in prison without any real evidence, but after much public outcry and the engaged performance of writer Emil Zola, the real culprit was discovered, and Dreyfus was released and rehabilitated in 1906.

1917.- The famous German spy during the First World War, of Dutch origin, Mata Hari with real name Gertrude Margaret Zele was executed in Paris. She was a famous dancer who caused a stir on stage. As an actress, she contacted many prominent people and learned secrets that she passed on to German agents. She was born in 1876.

1928.- Germany's Graf Zeppelin has launched its first commercial flight across the Atlantic.

1946.- German war criminal Hermann Goering committed suicide in a prison cell the day before he was executed on the basis of a verdict from the International War Crimes Tribunal in Nuremberg.

1949.- In Hungary, Laszlo Rike, Tibor Soni and Andras Salai were executed as "Titoists" after mounting Stalinist trials.

1950.- Blagoja Georgievski - Bustur - former Macedonian and Yugoslav basketball player was born in Skopje. Georgievski participated in the 1976 Summer Olympics in Montreal as a member of the Yugoslav national basketball team, where he won a silver medal. At the 1971 European Championships in West Germany, Georgievski won a silver medal as a member of the Yugoslav national basketball team. Bustur spent his career in KK Rabotnicki, and was an ambassador for the Special Olympics.

1964.- Soviet leader Nikita Khrushchev was ousted, and the next day it was announced that he had expressed a desire to step down, ostensibly due to his age and poor health. Leonid Brezhnev became the first secretary of the Communist Party, and Alexei Kosygin became the prime minister.

1964.- Cole Porter, American composer of musical comedies, has died. His most famous work is "Kiss Me Katie". He was born in 1893.

1984.- The first issue of the Macedonian newspaper in Macedonia "Macedonia" was published in Toronto, Canada.

1986.- In Skopje, in the adapted premises of the Old Railway Station, the Salon of the newspaper "Osten" was put into use, in which the Eighteenth Exhibition of the World Gallery of Cartoons on the theme "Everything is a cabaret" was opened.

1987.- Burkina Faso President Captain Thomas Sankara was assassinated in a coup, and Captain Blaise Compaore became head of state.

1989.- Danilo Kish, one of the greatest world-renowned Yugoslav writers, died in Paris. He was born in Subotica, on February 22, 1935.

1990.- Soviet President Mikhail Gorbachev won the Nobel Peace Prize on the grounds that he owed the world a policy of peace, but many in his country later saw it as a prize for overthrowing the Soviet Union.

1992.- The Democratic Party of the Turks of Macedonia, based in Skopje, was registered in Skopje, and Erdogan Sarac was elected president.

1993.- South African President Frederic Willem de Klerk and African National Congress leader Nelson Mandela received the Nobel Peace Prize in recognition of ending the apartheid regime and laying the groundwork for the development of democracy in South Africa.

1993.- In Paris, the Automotive Association of Macedonia (AMSM) was accepted as a full member of the World Automobile Federation (FIA).

1995.- After 20 months of Greek embargo, the Macedonian-Greek border was opened.

1997.- Vlado Chuchkov, one of the most famous feathers of the Macedonian music critics, died in Skopje. He was born in 1929.

2000.- Done Chaparev, a Macedonian writer, died in Strumica. He is the author of the book of poetry "Living Shadows", "Evening Travels", the plays "Blagoj Mucheto" and "Python Full of Weapons" and other works. He was born in Strumica, on June 4, 1949.

2003.- China has successfully launched its first manned spacecraft, becoming the third country to send a man into space, 42 years after Yuri Gagarin's historic flight. In orbit around the Earth, the Shenzhou-5 spacecraft with astronaut Yang Levy was launched from the Jinguan Cosmodrome in the Gobi Desert.

2012.- Former Cambodian King Norodom Sihanouk has died at the age of 89. He has never stopped working to preserve Cambodia's unity.

2012.- American economists Elvin Roth and Lloyd Shapley have won the Nobel Prize in Economics for their research on how different economic agents, such as school students or organ donors, align with patients. The Swedish Royal Academy of Sciences said the prize money of eight million Swedish kronor ($ 1,2 million) was awarded this year in recognition of "the theory of stable distributions and the practice of commercial design".

2018.- Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen has died at the age of 65. He and his childhood friend Bill Gates founded Microsoft in 1975. Allen served as vice president of research and development until 1983, when he was forced to resign due to health problems, but remained a board member. And the idea for the company name was his. As an avid sports fan, Allen also owned the American basketball clubs Portland and Seattle.