On this day - September 13

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1506.- The Italian painter and engraver Andrea Mantenja, who painted magnificent frescoes in the churches of the Padua eremes and in the Mantova palace, destroyed in World War II, has died.

1592.- The French writer and philosopher Michel Aikvem de Montaigne, the reviver of intellectual skepticism and the forerunner of free social thought in the 17th and 18th centuries, has died. De Montaigne believed that human reason was powerless in the pursuit of truth and justice, but that every man was obliged to find certain norms in private and public life in order to live reasonably aware of his universal human responsibilities.

1598.- King Felipe II of Spain, who led the country in the wars against the Ottoman Empire from 1571 to 1578 and against England from 1588, ended six years after his death. After the defeat of his "Invincible Armada" in 1588 at the Battle of the English Navy in the English Channel, Spain never again became a world power.

1788.- New York has been named the first federal capital in the United States.

1819.-  German pianist Clara Schumann, one of the greatest piano masters of the 19th century, was born. Her concert career began at the age of nine. She popularized the works of Robert Schumann, whom she married in 1840, throughout Europe. In addition to his works, he popularized the works of Ludwig van Beethoven, Frederic Chopin, Johannes Brahms, Felix Mendelssohn.

1872.- Ludwig Feuerbach, German philosopher, died. He was influenced by Hegel and later became a critic of his philosophy. Among the works known to him are "The Essence of Christianity", "Thoughts on the Death of Immortality", "The Essence of Religion" and others. He was born on July 28, 1804.

1874.- Born Austrian composer Arnold Schoenberg, founder and theorist of modern music expressionism, and professor at the Academy of Music in Vienna, Berlin, Boston and Los Angeles.

1882.- After an uprising that jeopardized London's plans to use the Suez Canal, the British defeated the Egyptian army at Tel el Kebir, Egypt, and continued to conquer the country and neighboring Sudan.

1887.- Leopold (originally named Lavoslav) Ruzicka, a Swiss chemist of Slovak descent, was born in Vukovar, Croatia. He won one half of the 1939 Nobel Prize in Chemistry for the study of sex hormones. The second half of the award went to German biochemist Adolf Butenant. Died in Zurich, Switzerland, on September 26, 1976.

1894.- English writer John Boynton Priestley was born, the author of works with serenity and humor, but also with criticism of society. Works: "Good Friends", "English Journey", "Midnight in the Desert", "Angel Alley", plays: "They Came to the City", "The Inspector Came", "A Glass of Beer", essays "English Comic Characters", "English novel "," English humor "," Dickens and his world ".

1903.- Born in Paris, Claudette Colbert was born Claudette Lily Shoshoan, the queen of Hollywood comedy in the 20s. She died in Bridgetown, on the Caribbean island of Barbados, on July 29, 1996.

1903.- Serbian writer Branimir Cosic, who wrote about the lives of young people after the First World War, was born.

1903.- About 2.000 inhabitants of the Ohrid region, before the strong rush of the Bakhtiar-Pasha Turkish army that was devastating everything in front of them, sought refuge in the locality Rashanec. The escape was well organized and protected by the companies of Dukes Argir Marinche, Nikola Mitrev, Cvetko Stojanov and others. With the help of a traitor, the Turkish army broke this insurgent resistance of the Macedonian population from this area during the Ilinden Epic. About 200 residents of the Ohrid region died in the fight in Rashanec. Among the dead was Duke Argir Marinche, who with his courage set an example to all fighters how to fight for the freedom of his people. Argir Marince was born in Ohrid in 1870.

1922.- In El Azizi in Libya, the highest temperature in the shade was measured - 58 degrees Celsius.

1923.- In Spain, General Miguel Primo de Rivera came to power and, with the blessing of King Alfonso XIII, introduced a pro-fascist dictatorship that temporarily stifled the revolutionary democratic movement.

1924.- In Sofia, the terrorist Vlado Chernozemski killed Dimo ​​Hadzi Dimov, one of the most famous ideologues and theorists of the authentic Macedonian national liberation movement. He was a participant in the battle of Banica, on May 4, 1903 when the apostle of the Macedonian national liberation movement Goce Delchev lost his life. After the defeat of the Ilinden Uprising, he sided with the progressive left of TMORO, and during the Young Turk Revolution he developed active ideological activity and was one of the initiators for the creation of the People's Federation Party led by Jane Sandanski. He was born in the village of Gorno Brodi, Aegean Macedonia, on October 20, 1875.

1924.- Vladislav Kovachev, a popular Stip duke and publicist, editor of the newspaper "Autonomous Macedonia" and ideologue of the Macedonian Emigrant Federal Organization, was killed in Sofia. He was born in Stip, on January 5, 1875.

1953.- The first mutual first league football match between Vardar and Rabotnicki was played in Skopje, at the City Stadium. The result ended 2: 2.

1955.- The USSR and West Germany established diplomatic relations.

1971.- The attack by US police and the National Guard, which ended a five-day riot at New York's Attica Jail, killed 31 inmates and 11 prison guards.

1989.- The largest anti-apartheid demonstration in South Africa, in Cape Town, was led by Archbishop Desmond Tutu.

1989.- Sterio Spase, an Albanian writer of Macedonian origin, died in Tirana. He was born in the village of Globocica, in 1914.

1991.- The United States and the Soviet Union have agreed to stop supplying weapons to the warring parties in Afghanistan.

1992.- American film actor Anthony Perkins has died. Movies: "Psycho", "Friendly Persuasion" (Oscar), "Trial", "Do You Love Brahms?", "Kvaka 22", "Hanging Judge", "Murder on the Orient Express", "Black Hole".

1993.- Israel and the Palestine Liberation Organization have signed a peace agreement in Washington.

1993.- Jon Isaja, a representative of the oldest generation of Macedonian artists, died in Skopje. He was born in Tetovo, in 1915.

1994.- Radmila Trifunovska, a Macedonian writer, lecturer and journalist, tragically ended her life in Skopje. He is the author of the poetry "Evil Rains", "Black Birds" and the short stories "Woman and War" and "Return". She was born in Skopje, on March 28, 1390.

1995.- The Republic of Macedonia and the United States have established diplomatic relations.

1995.- The Ministers of Foreign Affairs of Macedonia and Greece, Stevo Crvenkovski and Karolos Papoulias, in New York in the presence of Cyrus Vance, Special Representative of the Secretary-General of the United Nations, signed an Interim Agreement on Friendship and Confidence-Building and pledged to respect mutual territorial integrity by accepting internationally recognized state borders.

2001.- US Secretary of State Colin Powell has confirmed for the first time that Saudi Islamic terrorist Osama bin Laden is suspected of organizing al-Qaeda terrorist attacks two days earlier in New York and Washington that killed nearly 3.000 people.

2013.- After a short illness, prof. Died at the age of 95. Dr. Desanka Miljovska, former Minister of Culture, first fighter and professor of sociology at the Faculty of Philosophy. Prof. Miljovska was one of the founders of the Department of Sociology, and taught at the Faculty of Journalism, the Faculty of Philology, as well as other scientific and social institutions. As a prominent social worker, in the period from 1971 to 1974 he was a member of the Government of the Socialist Republic of Macedonia, as Minister of Culture.

2017.- Nada Gjurovska, one of the most important Bosnian-Herzegovinian actresses of Macedonian origin, has died. Born on January 8, 1952 in Skopje. She arrived in Sarajevo at the age of six. During her life she became a Sarajevo legend. During the war she performed on all three stages of Sarajevo theaters. She has acted in almost all films in Bosnia and Herzegovina. She has acted in over 6 movies and a dozen TV series.

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