On this day - October 13

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1474.- Born Mario Arbertinelli, an Italian painter, one of the representatives of the French school of the High Renaissance. He died on November 5, 1515.

1792.- US President George Washington has laid the foundation stone for the construction of the official presidential residence - the White House in Washington.

1815.- French Marshal Joachim Mir was shot. He was the most famous among the commanders of the army of Emperor Napoleon I, from 1808 to 1815.

1815.- British troops have seized the island of Asuncion, one of the islands in the Mariana Archipelago in the western Pacific.

1822.- Antonio Canova, Italian sculptor, the greatest master of Italian classicism, died in Venice. It influenced the whole European sculpture. His most famous works include the sculptures "Cupid and Psyche", "Paolina Borgaz as Venus", "Perseus" and the bust of Napoleon in Fontainebleau. He was born in Venice on November 1, 1757.

1869.- The French writer Charles Auguste Saint-Bev, the most prominent representative of French literary criticism, has died. Works: "Life", "Literary Portraits", "Por-Royal", "Monday Conversations".

1884.- The meridian passing through Greenwich (a suburb of London) is adopted as the universal (zero) meridian, from which are calculated the longitudes of the points and the time of the Earth.

1905.- English actor Henry Irving, one of the greatest tragedians of the 19th century, has died.

1911.- Born Andre Navarre, a French cellist, professor at the Paris Conservatory since 1949, an internationally renowned artist. He has been teaching in Skopje for some time, and he was an honorable and very important participant in the Ohrid Summer program. He died in 1988.

1921.- French actor and singer of Italian descent Ivo Livi, known as Yves Montand, was born and gained worldwide fame in the film "Hope for Fear". Other films: "The Heroes Are Tired", "The Witches of Salem", "The Big Blue Road", "Do You Love Brahms", "Let's Love Each Other", "Z", "Confession".

1923.- The Turkish parliament has declared Ankara, formerly Angora, the capital of Turkey.

1925.- Birtan stateswoman Margaret Hilda Roberts, better known as Margaret Thatcher, was born in 1979 and became the first female Prime Minister in British history. In 1990, a decision by the leadership of her Conservative Party forced her to resign. She has been Prime Minister of the United Kingdom for most of the year.

1943.- Under pressure from allied leaders, Italy's King Vittorio Emanuel III and his prime minister, Badoljo, declared war on Germany, and Italy, at least in allied territory, joined the anti-Hitler coalition. The declaration of war came only after the fall of the fascist government of Benito Mussolini and the capitulation of Italy.

1952.- "Grammar of the Macedonian Literary Language" by Blaжеe Koneski was published by the State Publishing House.

1964.- Twenty-four hours after the launch of the Vashod 24 spacecraft, three Soviet cosmonauts, members of the first space crew in the history of spaceflight, landed safely.

1970.- Canada and China established diplomatic relations, and Taiwan immediately severed ties with Canada.

1970.- Famous black rights activist Angela Davis has been arrested by FIB agents. The arrest sparked a storm of protests around the world.

1984.- Ilija Zafirovski, a Macedonian journalist, died in Skopje. He belongs to the first post-war generation of journalists. He worked in the newspaper "Borba", and spent most of his journalistic life in the newspaper "Nova Makedonija", where he was the editor-in-chief. Death found him as the director and editor-in-chief of the newspaper "Trudbenik". He was born in Ohrid, in 1927.

1990.- The first Orthodox liturgy, 73 years after the October Revolution, was held in Moscow's St. Basil the Blessed Sacrament on Red Square.

1990.- The leader of the Christian forces in Lebanon, General Michel Aoun, has sought asylum at the French embassy in Beirut after the Syrian army attacked his stronghold.

1992.- Anthony Perkins, a famous American film artist, died in Los Angeles. It will remain in the memory of film lovers as a symbol of an artist for horror roles. The most famous of that genre is his role as the owner of the mysterious hotel in Hitchcock's film "Psycho". He was born in New York on April 4, 1932.

1993.- A court in Hamburg has found German Guenter Parche guilty of stabbing Yugoslav tennis player Monica Seles and handed down a verdict that was considered scandalous around the world. Parche was given a suspended sentence of two years in prison.

1993.- The Republic of Macedonia has been accepted as a full member of the International Maritime Organization, based in London.

1993.- In Kranj, Republic of Slovenia, the Macedonian national football team played its first official friendly match, after our country became independent, sovereign and independent. The host was the football team of the Republic of Slovenia. The national team of the Republic of Macedonia won 4: 1.

1995.- In Skopje, the delegations of the Republic of Macedonia and the Hellenic Republic signed a Memorandum for practical implementation of the Interim Agreement signed in New York on September 13, 1995.

1997.- The British supersonic car was the first on earth to break through the sound barrier, developing a speed of 1.222,7 kilometers per hour.

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