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1823.- David Ricardo, English economist, principal of the English Classical School, a proponent of labor value theory, died in London. In 1809 he published the pamphlet The Price of Gold. His most famous work is "Principles of Political Economy". He was born in London on April 19, 1772.

1855.- The siege of Sevastopol, the largest operation in the Crimean War, is over. The British, French and Piedmontese managed to capture the city which was a key Black Sea naval base of the Russian army.

1862.- The American writer William Sidney Porter, known as O. Harry, creator of a specific genre - short humorous and slightly ironic stories with an unexpected ending. He has published about 600 stories and 11 books, most on the lives of New Yorkers.

1883.- Russian revolutionary Grigory Yevseyevich Zinovyev, one of the first Bolsheviks and organizer of the October Revolution of 1917, was born. He headed the influential St. Petersburg Council and the Committee for Defense in the Civil War, and from 1919 to 1926 was chairman of the Executive Committee of the Comintern. He was shot in 1936 during the "Great Purge" organized by Joseph Stalin after the assassination of Sergei Kirov in late 1934.

1885.- English writer David Herbert Lawrence was born. Works: the novels "The White Peacock", "Sons and Lovers", "Lady Chatterley's Lover", "Women in Love", the short stories "Prussian Officer", "England, My England", the essays "Studies in Classical American Literature", "Apocalypse" ", The songs" Love and other songs "," Amores "," Turtles ".

1903.- On the mountain Plavica, Kratovo region, the united detachments of the Macedonian dukes Slavcho Kovachev and Atanas Babata led a one-day fight against the Turkish army. The combined detachments had three dead and one wounded fighter.

1905.- At the Bitola At-Pazar, the Turks hanged Aleksandar Turundziev - a legendary Macedonian duke. The Turks captured him with the help of traitors and sentenced him to death. Among his most significant armed actions is the attack on the railway station in Vrbeni, Lerin region, together with the joint detachment of 200 insurgents of Gjorgji Pop Hristov and Mihail Chakov. He was born in the village of Vrbeni, in 1872.

1917. - The Philippine dictator Ferdinand Edralin Marcos was born, who ruled for almost 22 years. In World War II he was a guerrilla in the anti-Japanese resistance movement, in 1959 he became president of the Senate, and from 1965 he was elected head of state. In the beginning it was quite popular because it stimulated the development of agriculture. He was ousted in 1986 when he fled the country and died in 1989 as a refugee in Hawaii.

1922.- A British mandate has been declared for Palestine, for which the Arabs have declared a day of mourning.

1941.- US President Franklin Roosevelt has ordered the US Air Force and Navy to open fire on all Axis ships entering the waters of the Western Hemisphere. It was the final American break with the policy of isolationism. The United States openly sided with Britain and the Soviet Union, although it did not go to war after the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor.

1943.- On the road Kicevo - Ohrid NOP battalion "Mirce Acev" destroyed three bridges and cut 130 pillars, and in the village Smilevo, Ohrid region, set fire to the gendarmerie station. The next day the battalion entered Kicevo.

1944.- The Strumica partisan detachment liberated Strumica and the surrounding villages.

1944.- Resen has been released.

1944.- Allied forces occupied Luxembourg and infiltrated German territory.

1948.- Pakistani statesman Mohammed Ali Jinn, founder and first president of Pakistan, has died. Together with Mahatma Gandhi and Jawaharlal Nehru, he fought for the independence of the Indian subcontinent from Great Britain, but then clashed with them demanding a separate Muslim state. In 1947, Britain recognized the independence of India and the Muslim states called Pakistan.

1971.- Nikita Sergeevich Khrushchev, a Soviet politician and statesman, died in Moscow. At the Twelfth Congress of the CPSU, Khrushchev radically criticized the methods and system of government of Joseph Visarionovich Stalin, thus opening a new period in Soviet domestic and foreign policy. In 1964 he was removed from all positions. He was born on April 17, 1894.

1972.- The first "Kurirce" Literary Meetings were held in Kicevo. At first they were known as "Digging Sights". It is a manifestation of the Macedonian writers and the young creators of literature and fine arts.

1973.- Salvador Allende, President of Chile, was assassinated in a fascist conspiracy organized by domestic and foreign reactionary forces. At the besieged presidential palace, Allende rejected a request from the coup plotters to surrender in exchange for life. He was found dead on his last battlefield. He was born in 1908.

1979.- Angolan statesman and writer Agostino Neto, Angola's first president and physician, has died. He was a leader in the struggle for the liberation of the country which ended successfully in 1975. He was imprisoned several times due to Angola's struggle for independence in 1951, and from 1962 he was the leader of the People's Movement for the Liberation of Angola.

1991.- USSR President Mikhail Gorbachev announced the departure of Soviet troops from Cuba.

1995.- Thousands of protesters protested in Paris over the resumption of French nuclear tests in the South Pacific.

1996.- The Republic of Macedonia and Bahrain established diplomatic relations at the ambassadorial level.

1997.- The Scots in a referendum approved by a majority of votes the plan of the British government to establish a parliament in Scotland, for the first time in almost 300 years.

1997.- The Republic of Macedonia has become a full member of the Central and Eastern European Regional Airspace Management Initiative (CIERVI).

2000.- At the temporary watchtower Kodra Fura on the Macedonian-Yugoslav border, towards Kosovo, there was a series of incidents in which unknown gunmen shot at the Macedonian border guards.

2001.- Islamic terrorists in the United States hijacked four passenger planes and carried out the largest terrorist attacks in history. The two towers of the World Trade Center in New York were completely destroyed when two planes hit them. A third plane with one wing hit the Pentagon building in Washington, and the fourth, after a fight between passengers and hijackers, crashed in Pennsylvania. The attacks killed at least 2.973 people. The United States has blamed Saudi Islamic terrorist terrorist Osama bin Laden for the attacks.

2001.- Swedish Foreign Minister Anna Lindh has died. She was injured the previous day when an unknown person attacked and stabbed her while she was shopping at a department store in central Stockholm.

2004.- The Patriarch of Alexandria and All Africa, Peter VII, and twelve priests accompanying him on a pilgrimage to Mount Athos were killed when their helicopter crashed in the Aegean Sea.

2007.- Joe Zavinul (born Joseph Erich Zavinul), an Austrian pianist and composer, one of the most influential jazz musicians of today, died in Vienna. He twice participated in the "Skopje Jazz Festival", in 1994 and in 1996. He was born in Vienna on July 7, 1932.

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