Money arrives at the four signs by January 31st! Here is who will be "knocked" money in the wallet

Photo: Profimedia

The retrograde motion of Mercury and Venus spoils our plans, but astrologers claim that there are zodiac signs that will be less affected by these aspects, so they can make money by the end of the month.

Mercury's retrograde motion negatively affects the finances of Taurus, Leo, Gemini and Virgo. Therefore, it is best not to invest until the end of the month.

The Sun has entered Aquarius, and Mars will soon enter Capricorn, so financially lucky Aquarius, Capricorn, Sagittarius and Pisces.


Jupiter in your sign brings you prosperity and well-being, so you can try yourself in games of chance. The arrival of Mars in Capricorn next week brings you cooperation with someone who is your friend, so there will be more money for you.


Congestion in your second field brings you money from many sides. Not only will you receive gifts from all sides, but you will also be able to secure yourself in the long run. A better paid business offer arrives only from January 28!


Jupiter in Pisces improves your financial situation. It will be easier for you to get big money, so it is best to ask for a raise. In any case, financially the stars are working for you, so by May 11 you can expect better paid business offers.


The sun in Aquarius brings you money. It is money from an inheritance or from a sponsorship. Unlike other signs, you can not expect some more money, but they will certainly arrive. Retrograde Venus hinders your plans until the end of the month.




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