Three apartments and a garage in Mijalkov were sold at auction, 332 thousand euros were collected in the budget

Dryton Nebiu, director of the Foreclosed Property Management Agency/Photo: Free Press

The agency for the management of confiscated property today collected 332.276 euros in the budget from the sale of three apartments and a garage, seized by a final court ruling from Sasho Mijalkov, informed the director Driton Nebiu.

We are talking about three apartments on Slavejko Arsov Street, one of 78 m2, and two of 73 m2 each, as well as a 30-square-meter garage in KO Centar 2, and they were sold transparently, and the process went smoothly.

- There was a bidding process for the real estate, which went smoothly and ended successfully. According to the bidding, funds that were taken from the citizens will be paid into the state budget and they will be paid in a total value of 332.276 euros. We continue on the same subject and soon we will announce the sale of other real estate for which there are final court rulings, said Nebiu.

About the received threats, about which he previously alerted the public and the Ministry of the Interior, he said that no one should be deterred from participating in the auctions, which according to the law are open to all citizens, except for the employees of the Agency and the convicted person Sasho Mijalkov.

- I encourage the citizens of RSM in every public bidding and auction to apply and bid freely beforehand because the law is above all of us, no one is above the law, we only respect the law and we will continue without any obstacles and without any stoppage in our further management with the Agency, Nebiu said.

He announced that soon more apartments and construction land confiscated by the ex-director of UBK Sasho Mijalkov will be auctioned, for which there is also a final court verdict.

In September, the agency sold three seized real estates in accordance with the final court verdict for Mijalkov, after which 244 euros were paid into the state budget.

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