Denar 7.183 million was paid to 225 farmers for produced and delivered milk

Today, a total of 7183 farmers were paid 225 million denars for produced and delivered milk, said the director of the Paying Agency, Nikolce Babovski after the meeting with the breeders of sheep, goats and cows in Stip.

These funds, Babovski stressed, are extremely valid for farmers because they will enable them to purchase everything they need for wintering the cattle.

- In less than a month we managed to pay 377 million denars for the second and third phase of delivered milk, which completely closed the payment on this basis in accordance with the 2019 Program, Babovski emphasized.

He also informed that from today until December 25, 2020, electronic requests for organic production can be submitted from the 2020 Program..

- The non-selective and timely payment of subsidies for all those who meet the conditions continues, underlined the director.

The Deputy Minister of Agriculture, Forestry and Water Economy, Trajan Dimkovski, who was together with Babovski in Stip, added that in a few days the announcement for salaries for the shepherds will be published. It is being considered in the Support Program for next year to introduce incentives for beef production and quality improvement. There is interest among farmers for this segment, and according to the FVA, such farm facilities are around 5.000 - 6.000.

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