On October 7, the Bulgarian club "Boris Treti" opens in Ohrid

Photo: Agency "Archives" Bulgaria / Dimitar Karastoyanov / Wikipedia

On October 7, the new Bulgarian cultural center will be opened in Ohrid, which bears the name of Tsar Boris the Third, who was the head of the Bulgarian state during the Second World War and the occupation of Yugoslavia, and within its framework also of Macedonia.

A special guest at the opening will be the Bulgarian businessman and philanthropist Milen Vrabevski, who paid to open the club, announce the organizers.

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After the opening of the Bulgarian cultural club "Ivan Mihailov" in Bitola in June, the public learned that there are plans to open a similar "club" with the name "Tsar Boris the Third", and the founders they did not ask for an opinion from the Ministry of Justice about the name, but they had written permission to use it from the Tsar's son Boris, the former Bulgarian Prime Minister Simeon of Saxe-Coburg. For the case of the contested registration in August the Public Prosecutor's Office is also interested.

Boris the Third was at the head of Bulgaria when, in cooperation with Nazi Germany, the country participated in the occupation of Yugoslavia and Greece, and before that it also gained territory in Romania and expanded almost to the borders of San Stefano, so in Bulgarian historiography the king is also called "The Unifier" . Boris the Third is a controversial historical figure in another aspect of Macedonian-Bulgarian relations - although according to Bulgarian historiography, he helped to save the Jews of Bulgaria from death in the concentration camps, he did not do the same for the Jews of Macedonia, who were almost completely exterminated after it was the Bulgarian "administration" that sent them to the Nazi death camp Treblinka in Poland.

On the announcements about the opening of a club with the name of Boris Treti reacted The Jewish community from Macedonia.

"Let us remind you that Tsar Boris III and the government of Tsarist Bulgaria are directly responsible for the deportation of more than 11.300 Jews from the occupied territories of Macedonia, Greece and Serbia, of which 7.144 are Jews from Macedonia, to the Treblika killing center in occupied Poland. On January 21, 1941, Tsar Boris III signed the anti-Jewish Law for the Protection of the Nation, adopted the slogan of Nazi Germany "One Tsar, One People, One State" and was a proven conspirator to implement the so-called "Final Solution of the Jewish Question," they said. then from the Jewish Community.

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