MZT Skopje against KFSM: In the future we will not let our basketball players play for the national team without insurance confirmation

In MZT Skopje they are revolted by the attitude of the Federation / Skopje, Macedonia / photo: KFSM

The winner of the double crown from last season MZT Skopje, on the eve of the start of the new championship, has serious problems with the injuries of some of the key basketball players. Damjan Stojanovski will miss the start of the season, and a week before the start of the season, the national team players Mekic, Krstevski, Andonovski and Robev are complaining about injuries sustained during the matches for Macedonia in the pre-qualifications for the 2023 World Cup.

The management of MZT Skopje asked the Basketball Federation of Macedonia (KFSM) to cover part of the compensation by activating the insurance policy, but the same request was rejected by the Federation. Due to this attitude, MZT Skopje Aerodrom threatened not to let the basketball players play for the national team in the future.

The announcement of MZT Skopje Aerodrom is transmitted to you in full:

Just one week before the official start of the new season with the Super Cup match against Rabotnicki, our coach, Darko Radulovic, still not only did not hold a single training session in full composition, but could hardly count on most of the holders of the game in almost the entire preparatory period so far.

The main reason for this are the injuries that our Adem Mekic, Damjan Robev, Bojan Krstevski, Kristijan Nikolov and Andrej Andonovski got while playing for the national team in the pre-qualifications for the 2023 World Cup. Skopje Aerodrom supported what is in the interest of the Macedonian basketball and not only allowed them, but also encouraged its members to wear the yellow-red jersey. Our gesture brought a result to Macedonia, but also a great pity for the club, which not only is not recognized by the leaders of KFM, but from there we came across an obscene relationship without any sense to help us in a situation for which the fault lies exclusively with the House of basketball, as responsible for everything that happens to the national teams.

On our request to cover part of our damage by activating the insurance policy, which is mandatory before each performance of the national team, we received only an arrogant answer that we are LATE and that, imagine, in a few days. And, previously, at no point, as a club that gives the largest number of national team players in the past decade, we have never been informed about our rights, ie we have not been presented the procedure that needs to be followed in such situations. As if the clubs exist because of the people in KFM, and not vice versa.

This only once again confirms that this leadership of KFM does not deserve our respect, because it works only for personal interest and promotion, and not in order to be a service to those who put them in office - the clubs. Therefore, MZT Skopje Aerodrom in the future will not allow its basketball players to respond to the call of the coach, until the Basketball House presents the insurance policy that would fully supplement our damage in such situations. Because in order for the people from KFM to have something to rejoice about, our club had to improvise in the most important part of the season and, moreover, to settle the incomes of the national team players for the period when they were off the field for injuries received playing for the national team. normal state is covered by the parent federation.

Because of all this, only now do we understand why most internationals did not want to play for the KFM team this summer, probably afraid that in this or a similar scenario, their clubs would not have as much understanding for their injuries as MZT Skopje has. At the same time, we call on the other clubs that provide basketball players for the national team to stand up for their rights, because what happened to us this summer, could happen to them tomorrow.

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