MZT Skopje Airport celebrates the 11th title of champion of Macedonia

A moment from the match Pelister - MZT Skopje Airport in Bitola/photo:

The basketball players of MZT Skopje Aerodrom and for the third time they were better than Pelister with a score of 78:67 in the final series of The first Macedonian league for a final 3-0 and a total of 11 championship honors in history. Once again, the crowning is in Bitola, where the team from Aerodrom reached the trophy for the fifth time in a row.

The people of Bitol opened the third match of the final very well, in four minutes of the game they took the lead with 13:14, a little later they had 15:18. But by the end of the first half, MZT Skopje Aerodrom made a turnaround. Not only did they reach the starting deficit, but the guests from Skopje decided the first quarter in their favor (20:18).


The lack of players for the jump game, "Pelisterci" somehow compensated for it with excellent execution in the shot, above all for three points, where Kostoski dominated, and with two correct attempts for three, already in the first period, Mijović also helped. The experienced defender of the "white and green" hit the first four attempts behind the line of 6.75 meters. Enough for Pelister to return the lead to his side (29:25).

The young Petkov was the "refreshment" in the game in the attack for MZT. With the help of the eight points of the young representative, the guests managed to return the advantage to their side, even if it was minimal. Another player was waiting on the other side of the field. except for Kostoski, who will "pull back" in the attack. Partly it was Mijovic, who scored once again for three points. For a new lead change (35:33), in the 17th minute of the match.


Despite that, the end of the half brought an advantage for Pelister (43:39), created by the duo Kostoski-Mijović, who combined 29 of those 43 points for the home team. The hosts had a better start to the second half, in which they gained a plus of seven points on two occasions (50:43), in the 23rd minute. And a little later they also had 54:47.

The triples that came from Gillon, then from Delalic, brought the champion back to the right direction. They opened a series of 11:0, for a positive of five points for the "metals" (61:56). Without an "extended bench" it was difficult for Bitolcani in this third segment of the third final. After three played quarters, MZT Skopje led with 61:57.

The guests from Skopje had an even higher advantage at the beginning of the last part (66:57). Petkov continued with his good game, Delalic also joined the attack, who also reached "double digits". The hosts stopped at only two points in almost five minutes of play in the fourth quarter. And they failed to get up in those minutes of decision, when the promotion of the new-old champion of Macedonia arrived.

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