Ministry of the Interior with details about the accident on the Kavadarci-Rosoman road: Two people were seriously injured

Photo: TPPE Kavadarci

The Ministry of the Interior has released details about the accident that happened this morning on the Kavadarci-Rosoman road near the village of Manastirec. A "Fiat Punto" and a "Peugeot" took part in the accident, and two people were seriously injured and taken to the Kavadarci hospital.

"Today (February 28.02.2024, 06.48) at 53:23 a.m., it was reported to the Kavadarci police station that on the regional road Kavadarci - Rosoman, near the village of Manastirec, a traffic accident occurred between a Fiat Punto car with non-Gothic license plates, driven by D.K .(21) from Rosoman and a "Peugeot" passenger vehicle with Kavadarci license plates, driven by I.D. (XNUMX) from Rosoman. The driver D.K. was seriously injured in the accident. and S.P. (XNUMX) from Rosoman, a passenger in the "Peugeot" vehicle, while the driver I.D. suffered physical injuries, ascertained in the hospital in Kavadarci", informs the Ministry of the Interior.

A team from OVR Kavadarci carried out an inspection of the place.

PHOTO | Three injured in an accident on the Kavadarci-Rosoman road

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