The Ministry of the Interior is involved in a campaign: Would you know what to do if your child goes missing?

Amber Alert Europe is launching a Europe-wide campaign with tips on how to deal with a missing child. The "Check, Think, Report" campaign will be active in 16 countries in 14 languages ​​on the occasion of the International Day of Missing Children.

In early 2024, the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Republic of North Macedonia signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the Amber Alert Europe Foundation, and thus the Ministry of Internal Affairs is part of this campaign and system for cases related to missing children.

For the International Day of Missing Children, Amber Alert Europe, the European Center for Missing Children has launched the "Check, Think, Report" campaign. This initiative, aimed at parents and carers, provides comprehensive step-by-step advice on what to do in the event of a missing child.

The campaign will be launched jointly in 16 countries by the ministries of interior affairs, national police and leading non-profit organizations dedicated to the protection of children.

The name of the campaign defines its basic advice: "Check" to confirm the child's absence. "Think" to recall the most important details and assess the situation and "Report" to alert the authorities immediately.

Every year, thousands of families around the world experience the trauma of a missing child. At such times, knowing what steps to take is very important.

Recognizing this need, Amber Alert Europe collaborated with experts in the field of missing persons to develop the "Check. Think about it. Report."

Every year, 300 thousand children go missing in Europe. The campaign "Check. Think about it. "Report" is a key milestone in our ongoing efforts to protect children and support families during such crisis situations," says Frank Hoehn, President and Founder of Amber Alert Europe.

The campaign will take place in Albania, Austria, Belgium, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, the Czech Republic, Italy, Lithuania, Malta, the Netherlands, the Republic of North Macedonia, Poland, Portugal, Slovenia, Spain and the United Kingdom.
For more information about the campaign and tips for responding in the event of a missing child, see here link.

Amber Alert Europe, European Center for Missing Children is a foundation that strives to advance the protection of missing children and prevent the disappearance of children through their education and awareness creation on the subject of missing children and the underlying causes of their disappearance. Amber Alert Europe connects experts from over 45 government organizations, more precisely ministries of interior and police, and non-governmental organizations from 28 countries with the ultimate mission of zero missing children in Europe.

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