The Ministry of Interior announced about the recorded fight in Kisela Voda, charges were filed

Street fight in Skopje / September 17, 2021 / photo: YouTube / printscreen

The Ministry of Interior announced that misdemeanor charges have been filed for yesterday's street fight in the Skopje settlement of Kisela Voda, from which recording in public.

In the SIA Skopje, yesterday around 12:25 it was reported that on the boulevard "Boris Trajkovski", due to a misunderstanding in traffic, public order and peace was violated with a physical fight between DP (26) and MD (63). ), both from Skopje. Minutes have been drawn up for the persons for a established misdemeanor under Article 11 of the Law on Misdemeanors against Public Order and Peace. "The case was also discussed with the passengers in their vehicles, who tried to stop them in the fight," the police statement reads.

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