The Ministry of the Interior reported 47 injured police officers and 11 arrested protesters at tonight's protest


47 injured police officers and 11 detained protesters is the result of the protest against the French proposal for resolving the dispute with Bulgaria, organized by the opposition, which took place in front of the Government, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Parliament.

The Ministry of the Interior says that 47 police officers were injured, of which "11 were seriously injured, and two were seriously injured." There is damage to the buildings of the Government, the Parliament and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

In the special hospital for surgical diseases "St. Naum Ohridski" three slightly injured police officers were admitted, but, as the director of the hospital told MIA Nermin Shaqiri, since the x-ray machines are not working, they were forwarded to the Clinical Center for imaging, where it was established that they had no major injuries.

The protest, fourth in a row, started in front of the Government building, from where the protesters they marched to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. There they also threw eggs and other objects and lit torches, after which they continued to the Parliament.

Before the Parliament, the situation escalated during the actress' speech Vesna Petrusevska, when a group of demonstrators demolished the protective fence and found themselves face to face with the cordon of police officers, all the while throwing bottles, stones, eggs, firecrackers and torches at the police and at the parliament building, where a dozen windows were broken.

After about half an hour, the police suppressed the crowd to the boulevard and to the "Zhena-borec" park and arrested protesters, after which another 40 minutes of fighting followed.

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