A multimedia exhibition project by Ivancho Talevski is being staged in Cifte Hamam

An exhibition of works by the Macedonian artist who lives and works in the USA, Ivancho Talevski, entitled "Cross section: Lady with nine stones" is being set up in the Cifte Amam facility at the National Gallery. The director of the National Gallery, Dr. Dita Starova Qerimi, will address the opening of the multimedia exhibition project, scheduled for July 8, 2022 (Friday), at 20 p.m.

- "Cross Section: A Lady with Nine Stones" is a multimedia exhibition project by the fine artist Ivancho Talevski, who, through drawing, graphic techniques, projections and sound, elaborates and complicates the notion of the past as a material in order to evoke questions from individual and collective memory, history and belonging, their recording, persistence and erasure – the National Gallery points out.

At the center of the project are two collections of drawings and their spatial design. Starting from 2015, during his frequent trips between Bitola and Philadelphia, USA, the author Ivancho Talevski records time and space with his charcoal drawings by representing reactions from different experiences, social processes, phenomena, incidents and locations.

The making of these drawings began as an approach to understanding and researching these two locations, enabling the discovery of unexpected intersections, creating a space that figures between things, where diversities and different elements, ideas, identities and happenings coexist.

In a way, the drawings represent felt reverberations from the environment. The procedure itself is reminiscent of haiku poetry, in which there is no rhyme, and the elements exist as fragments that emphasize time and space. This drawing process results in a collection of fragments that are mobilized and activated through reflective and reflexive processes, collaborations, dialogues and generative hypotheses. Drawing as a medium enables an immediate and instantaneous recording of the relation of the body to the ground, between different locations and languages.

In parallel with this cycle of his drawings, Talevski presents in the form of a dialogue his long-term research on the lost 235 drawings of the collector of folklore works Marko Cepenkov.

Ivancho Talevski is a multidisciplinary visual artist and professor who lives and works in the relationship between Bitola and Philadelphia. In his work, he uses strategies of drawing, graphics, painting, sound and installations in order to evoke questions of political situations, focusing on topics such as individual and collective memory, belonging, nostalgia, history and borders, their existence, persistence or erasure. The contents and themes in his work derive from personal life experience and frequent trips between Philadelphia and Bitola.

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