Muhammad T. he has been volunteering at the Institute of Radiology for three and a half years and is seeing employment through the ranks

Muhammad T. graduate radiologic technologist and second-year student (in medical sciences), volunteered at the Institute of Radiology for three and a half years without a single paid hour, without health insurance, or even without a volunteer contract.

He claims for "Sloboden Pechat" that he saw how, in turn and just before the elections, the management of the Clinic handed out solutions to other people, and he was constantly bypassed.

His disappointment is huge, considering that he believes that the merit system is not applied and it is impossible to get in line and get valorization of labor with only labor and without party ties.

- I specialized in computer and magnet as an assistant to a radiologic technologist. There is a deficit of such employments, that is why I have been here for three and a half years to help the people, the state, but no one comes forward to meet me. Many times they promised me that I would get a job, but nothing happened. I have no compensation, no salary, no contract. I have health insurance thanks to being a student, he told "Sloboden Pechat". 

When asked what duties he performs at the Institute of Radiology, he says that he works shifts from 8 a.m. to 14 p.m. He has attached documents to our editorial office, i.e. work schedules of the radiological technologists for 18 months and each schedule signed by the economic director Zeqir Kurbardović and the medical director Dr. Spec. Gordana Anguleska – Belcheska, his name appears, in shifts of 8 hours a day.

From 8 in the morning to 14 pm I work a shift, I have proof, and that is that my name is on all the lists with work schedules. No one understands this thing that I do voluntarily. There are other people like me. They promised us that employment would happen. When it was their turn to give contracts, they skipped me. They brought a completely third person who has yet to study, and I was ready and with a private specialization that lasted one year and cost me 3 thousand euros, I was not accepted by the institution. I am originally from Kichevo, I have lived in Skopje for 12 months and one month costs me 700 euros, money that my father helps me with. I am also studying medical sciences, I am there for the third year. I am investing in radiology because it is my first love and I love the job. I am not determined by party. If I had been determined by the party, I would have gotten a job by now. I thought that they would really appreciate the work, the knowledge, that I have acquired here and that I will be accepted on merit, because of the success, but that did not happen, said Muhammad T.

He claims for "Sloboden Pechat" that he has a graduated radiological technologist who works at the counter of the Institute of Radiology, and that just before the elections solutions were distributed in the hospital.

Zekir Kurbardovic, economic director of the Institute of Radiology confirmed to "Free Press" that Muhammed T. he does not have a contract even though he has been volunteering for three and a half years, and he denied the accusations of pre-election employment in their entirety.

- So far, we have not completed any employment before the elections. Muhammad T. volunteering until the moment some procedure is done, whether they will be accepted further with a work contract, whether with permanent employment - that is already a procedure. It absolutely does not depend on us, we are in the process, our systematization is ready, we have prepared an employment plan for 2024 and all those who meet the conditions, when we announce the announcements, will have the right to participate in the announcements. The information is not correct. It is not fair for Muhammad to perform like this. With us, everything is done in the spirit of the law. For 2024, we have planned the employment of 4-5 radiological technologists, one medical doctor, that is the truth. Everything else is in the realm of speculation, said Economic Director Kurbardovic for "Sloboden Pechat".

"Sloboden Pechat" recently reported that employees of the Institute of Radiology, who spend whole days recording patients for magnetic resonance imaging, computed tomography, mammography, angiography, echocardiography, lung scans with complex diagnoses and for patients from all clinics - do not receive recognition of their education and salary is lower than it should be.

We are talking about graduated radiological technologists who over the past years have improved their skills and acquired 240 credits and the title of "specialist radiological technologist in magnetic resonance and computed tomography".

The upgrading of some of them, according to our information, should bring them a salary increase of 4.500 denars, but instead, they were given solutions with the old title of "radiological technologist" and that with the old salaries, that is, without a raise.

When they started asking why their titles were not recognized, the Institute started withdrawing the decisions and telling even those who had raised them to return them. "Sloboden Pechat" addressed the Institute of Radiology with questions about why the salaries of these employees do not correspond to their education, but did not receive answers.


Radiologic technologists go to college for nothing, because they don't care about salaries

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