Mutsunski: We are close to a final agreement with Vredi

"DUI's place is in the opposition. We realize what we promised. We are close to an agreement with Vredi, I cannot say details, but it is certain that we are close to a final agreement", said the vice-president of VMRO-DPMNE Timcho Mutsunski, in a guest appearance on Topic of the Day as part of the central Dnevnik on Sitel television.

Regarding the number of deputies in the Parliament, Mutsunski emphasized that in the following days the exact number of deputies in the government coalition will be known.

- It is certain that we will have more than 70 MPs, there is a possibility that the government coalition will have 80, but in the following days we will see how that will look, Mutsunski pointed out.

Speaking about whether Znam will be part of the new government, Mutsunski said that communication should not be conducted through the public, as he pointed out, the process leads to failure.

According to him, it is possible to achieve and work is being done to have a two-thirds majority on key topics.

"With Vredi, possibly also with Znam, there is a two-thirds majority. The goal is to change the Law on Organization and Work of State Administration Bodies before the new government is formed. That was one of our promises, because with that we will modernize the government, and thus eradicate a huge number of unnecessary institutions that have not shown efficiency, and therefore I think we will achieve a great consensus", said Mutsunski.

Regarding the Prespa Agreement, he said that each party should respect its obligations, and Greece also has obligations.

"What we have said that VMRO-DPMNE does not like the Prespa Agreement, that it is wrong, humiliating, remains, but at the same time we cannot run away from the constitutional and legal reality that it has created in our country," he said. Moutsunsky.

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