They charged him 2 euros for espresso, he reported them to the police: The cafe received a fine of 1.000 euros

Cafe "Ditta Artigianale" in Florence / Photo: Printscreen / Instagram

Cafe in Italy received a fine of 1.000 euros after a customer reported the owners to the police because they charged him two euros for espresso, a price that was not visible on the price list.

Francesco Sanapo, owner of the Ditta Artigianale café in Florence, says he feels broken by the sentence. He says the client complained that the price was not on the price list behind the counter despite the fact that such information was displayed on a digital menu, available via a "QR" code.

He also explained that espresso is more expensive than other coffees because it is made from beans from a particular plantation in Mexico.

Due to a rule that requires cafes in the country to have prices visible behind the counter or on the price list of the table, the police imposed a high fine on the cafe despite Sanap's argument that a digitalized version of the price list is available to customers.

"I was punished because someone was offended that he paid two euros for decaffeinated coffee. "Do you believe me?", The dissatisfied Sanapo started his video address on his Facebook profile.

"This law needs to be changed because otherwise 99,9 percent of bars and restaurants would be fined. It is difficult for people to realize that there are coffees that cost more than one euro. Coffee made by people who work hard. It is not just about the producers, but there are baristas who learn how to make the best possible coffee, but no, you are offended because you pay more than one euro. "That's why the Italian coffee industry is failing, dying."

"Today, I believe, no bar, café or restaurant in Italy can display all their prices behind the counter. Of course, we have a "QR" code, there you can see everything you want. But that is not enough for them. "I do not believe we have a law from the '50s… Quality has to be paid for," he concluded.

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