A dead man found under the Iron Bridge in Veles

Police STOP traffic accident
Police tape / Photo: Dragan Mitreski

The human corpse of a young man from Veles was found this morning under the Iron Bridge, in the neighborhood of Dvorovi in ​​Veles. An emergency medical team was called to the spot, and a team of the SVR Veles inspected the scene.

Public prosecutor Anastasia Milanova was at the scene and according to the initial information, she stated that there were no traces of violence on the body of the dead 34-year-old man.

- We are talking about a man from Veles, born in 1990, and his body was lying on the ground under the bridge, almost halfway along the length of the iron structure. In the initial information, I can only say that there are no traces of violence or stab wounds on the body of the 34-year-old man. Samples of additional traces were taken on the spot, as well as other types of material that will be sent to the Department of Forensic Investigations of the Ministry of Internal Affairs in Skopje. Prosecutor Milanova has already requested that the body of the deceased man be sent for an autopsy to the Institute of Forensic Medicine in Skopje, informs Cvetanka Bogoevska, Basic Public Prosecutor for the area of ​​Veles.

Otherwise, the Prosecutor's Office in Veles knows the identity of the dead Veles resident.

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