MOC-OA will declare Kiril Pejčinović a saint in his Lešočki monastery

Photo: MOC-OA

On October 16, Sunday, in the presence of the bishops of the MOC-OA, the canonization of the hieromonk will take place in the monastery in the Tetovo village of Leshok. Kiril Pejcinovic, who was the abbot of the monastery and is buried there, the Church announced.

The idea for the canonization of Pejčinović, who is a significant Macedonian educator and one of the first writers in the vernacular Macedonian language, came from Bishop Joseph, the Tetovo-Gostivar metropolitan of the MOC-OA. For years, Mr. Josif managed the Tetovo Diocese, whose seat is in the monastery complex.

"Living in the Lešok monastery complex, I had the opportunity to live daily in the presence of Abbot Cyril, first of all through the living prayerful memory of him, through the conversations with the local population, through the memory of his merits made for the monastery, through the observation of the rivers of pilgrims, who are they worship daily at his grave, where they pray for intercession before God. Seeing all that, I also became a witness to his current prayerful intercession, to the respect for him by our faithful people, which, despite the years, has never decreased, but on the contrary - increased. And all that I saw as a bishop, it was my obligation to update it, that is, to start a process for his recognition as a saint, said Mr. Josif in an interview with Vecer in April this year, when he announced that he was launching an initiative for the canonization of Kiril Pejčinović as Abbot Kiril Lesoshki.

Photo: MOC-OA

Bishop Josif adds that the initiative arose "from the living cult that this church figure has in the areas of the Tetovo-Gostivar Diocese and beyond, and this is especially visible in the Lešok Monastery, where his burial place is located."

Kiril Pejčinović wrote all his works in the vernacular and together with Joakim Krcovski (who was canonized in May of this year), represent the first generation of writers of contemporary Macedonian literature.

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