The "Belasica" bridge has successfully passed the "test", in a few days it will be fully operational

Belasica bridge/free press/photo Slobodan Djuric

The City of Skopje did not answer again why it was necessary to carry out a second loading test of the bridge, when even after the first loading they informed that the bridge is in excellent condition and safe.

The days are counting down when the "Belasica" bridge will be fully open to traffic, i.e. after almost a year, all four lanes will be driven on it. At least that's what the information coming from the City of Skopje and the Institute for Seismic Open Buildings and Climate Change says, after the bridge was tested for the second time, this time with trucks loaded with a load of 208 tons.

The director of ISOGKP, Mihail Garevski, an Institute that together with ESM tested the bridge, wrote on Facebook - The battle for the "Belasica" bridge fell, the "Belasica" bridge did not fall!

Garevski confirmed to "Sloboden Pechat" that everything is fine with the bridge, and that this was proven by the testing with six trucks loaded with 208 tons that were placed in the middle of the central span of the bridge. He announced that in a few days he will sign that the bridge can be fully put into use.

Unanswered question: If the Belasica bridge is safe, why would the workers working under it be unsafe?

A similar response was received from the City of Skopje, but for incomprehensible reasons they do not mention that the Institute for Seismic Open Buildings and Climate Change also participated in the testing.

 According to the legal regulations for this type of facilities, as well as according to the expert opinion after starting the installation of the new hot water pipes, as well as for the complete release of traffic on all lanes, it was necessary to carry out static and dynamic test loading on the bridge ) load, which is carried out by the ESM, after which the bridge will be fully put into use - claim the City.

However, they did not answer why it was necessary to re-test the bridge with loading, when even after the first loading carried out a few months ago, the City informed that the bridge is in excellent condition and safe, nor why the hot water pipes have not yet been installed on it.

Belasica bridge/free press/photo Slobodan Djuric

Before the end of last year, the public company "Streets and Roads" announced that on December 24, the bridge will be completely closed to traffic in both directions, because construction activities will be carried out on it. But instead of construction activities, surveys and testing of the durability of the object under the load that the bridge suffers if it is completely filled with vehicles were carried out on the bridge. So, trucks with a total load of 205 tons were placed on both lanes in both directions. Then there were analyzes of the data that will determine the durability of "Belasica". Such surveys and tests were allegedly done during the summer, but there was no information about it to the public either.

"Sloboden Pechat" already in January asked the City of Skopje for an explanation as to who exactly determined after the load test that the bridge was safe, because it was not announced whether a licensed company was hired to test bridge structures, which can responsibly confirm that the bridge is safe. and PE "Streets and Roads" does not possess such a license.

Then they distanced themselves from the ESM as well.

The traffic safety assessment on the bridge is not carried out by AD ESM, for that reason we would not like to speculate with assumptions related to safety in case of full commissioning of the bridge. Hence, the responsibility for security lies with the institutions that make this assessment - they answered from there.

The data from the testing of the "Belasica" bridge have been analyzed: the bridge is in excellent condition and safe for traffic, the City of Skopje claims

However, after almost a year since the fire on the bridge that happened on May 12 last year, "Belasica" will finally be fully operational again. However, questions remain as to why it took so long, when according to the authorities, the bridge only needed "cosmetic repair".

As for the installation of the new heat pipe under the bridge, as a reminder – the new pipes have been lying in the grass next to it for six months or more.

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